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A Few Wedding Pics

The big day has come and gone. Of course we will be paying for it for awhile. LOL Everything was PERFECT! Thanks to the many people who did so much. Andrea, our daughter-in-law did all the decorating with the help of her folks, Steve and Cheryl Frederick and her sister Audra. They came all the way from Texas to help out. WOW Fred and Rene Brewster took care of the food at the reception and it was sumptuous. Christina Atkinson made all the girls and bride’s bouquets. She did an incredible job. Everyone helped move chairs and furniture etc. Tena Valenti organized the whole thing as our wedding coordinator. I don’t think we could have done it without her. A HUGE thank you to you all.

The spirit of the Lord kissed this wedding too. His presence was so sweet when Grandpa Hurst prayed for the couple. We laughed, especially when Danelle did her little things. You just had to be there. We cried when she walked in on the arm of her Dad and a little through out the ceremony too. And then we cried again when Danelle and Matthew began to go to each one in their wedding party and hug them and thank them for making their day special, as the song “That’s What Friends Are For” was being played. It was a very special moment.

Danelle was so appreciative too, of all the people that showed up. Family, new and old friends alike. She said her life long dream had come true. Thank you to all who came and made her’s and Matthews day so special.

Here are a few snap shots from different people. I will have better pics later.


The Radiant Bride


Eskimo Kissing?


Danelle and Dad


Us with the Bride and Groom

I will have more pictures later as I get them.


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Here are some basic dos and don’ts for you who are worn out by children’s angry outbursts.  No one has a magic answer to this problem, but here are some ideas that are known to help.


Please DON’T

*feel guilty and condemn yourself

*make the oldest child responsible for keeping his anger in check all the time

*lash back at the child who is exploding

*condemn your child for feeling angry

*expect your child to put a smile on his face when he is angry

*pretend nothing is wrong when your child is angry

*jump right in and punish a child for being angry without knowing the whole story

*reward tantrums by giving in

*set your child up for an explosion by provoking them


Please DO


*listen to your children when they are angry

*give your children permission to feel angry without guilt

*set limits on how long your children can vent their anger

*tell your children that they have a right to feel angry but do NOT have the right to harm anyone or anything when they are angry

*arrange for an angry child to spend some time alone to cool down and think about what caused the outburst

*spend time with a child who has lashed out after he has cooled down

*teach children several options they can use to diffuse their anger

*teach children how to forgive (this is so important)

*pray with your children about their feelings in a positive, understanding way

*hold your children close after they have cooled down. Many youngsters are terrified by their own anger.


Hang In There! Time has a way of dulling swords. Life gets more pleasant as they get older—–even if older means after twenty-five.

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