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Ladies Retreat

As I drove up the mountain with my sister-in-law and saw the beautiful handiwork of God I began to get more and more excited. When we arrived at Koininia Conference Grounds some of the ladies had already arrived and you could really feel the excitement from them. I looked at my watch, 4:45 p.m. Thursday. Second Annual Ladies Retreat had already begun for me. We unloaded our car that was so full it may have rivaled the Beverly Hillbilly’s old jalopy. However, we did get it all into the dorm and got our beds made and clothes in closets and the keyboard down to the chapel. We went back to town for a bite to eat with several of the ladies who wanted to go. Then back to the camp for a night of fellowship and relaxation. As the ladies arrived we all gathered in the dorm and talked way into the night. You could already feel the presence of God as we talked of our different spiritual experiences. WOW, I thought to myself, I can hardly imagine what the next two days will be like. Well, we were not disappointed!

Up early Friday Morning for a breakfast of french toast and sausage, orange juice and very strong coffee. Then we had a day of recreation, fun and relaxation. I played badminton, threw a few horseshoes and rode the craziest little bikes/trikes you have ever seen. It was a rather crazy day of fun.

Friday Night when we got to the chapel for service and began to sing His praises the Spirit was so sweet. Then as Gayla began to sing the Spirit of God just came down and saturated us. That is the only way I can explain it. Saturated! We were so blessed.

Saturday beginning at 10 a.m. was a session that I like to call, Life Lessons. Gayla spoke on choosing to be happy. It was a great lesson. And then the Lord just moved in again. The gift of the word of knowledge ministered to several ladies. It was a great time.

Saturday afternoon was another day of fun and relaxation. Hiking, ping pong, THE SLIDE, etc. I missed this day. My body decided it had had enough and said to me, “Stop! I can’t take anymore. I need rest.” So, I took it to the dorm and crashed in bed for a few hours. My mind kept saying, “Can you just wait until Monday to crash?” But it didn’t work. I felt better though after some rest. And Saturday Evening in the service God met us again in such a special way. We could not get past the singing without the Holy Ghost saturating us again. Both Friday Night and Saturday Night we had prayer service before the speaker. It was really awesome and I can’t put into words how great this retreat was.

Gayla Baughman was super. Like I said before, her charm and wit was great. We were not only blessed with a message of consecration but we laughed and laughed until we cried. She could be a comedian. It was just exactly what we all needed at this time.

Then, Sunday Morning after a pancakes and sausage breakfast we headed back down the beautiful mountain for home. We are renewed, refreshed and already looking forward to next year.

lad.jpgMe, arriving at the dorm Thursday afternoon  dinner-friday-night-2.jpg Enjoying Dinner

ladies-retreat-hiking-2.jpg Rene and Bridget enjoying a nice hike.

 100_1149.JPG Tena your’re great at Badmintion. lol

teresa-leonardo-on-swing.jpg Teresa “just a swingin”.

the-slide.jpg The SLIDE!

To see more Ladies Retreat Pics visit, http://thepentecostalchurchonline.org.


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