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Success or Failure

As I was studying a little bit this morning I came across a lesson I have taught in the past. The first words on the page caught my attention yet again. ” Life is a blend of failures and successes. NO ONE—especially not a child of God—is a total failure. And NO ONE—except the Lord Jesus—is an absolute success.”  How true this statement. Everyone fails at something at some point in his life. Failure is a fact of life. Charles Swindoll, in his book Starting Over, observed, “The person who succeeds is not the one who holds back, fearing failure, nor the one who never fails…but rather the one who moves on in spite of failure.” I think my favorite Bible character when it comes to things like this is Simon Peter. It seems that Peter was always getting himself into “a mess.” However, he was always quick to recognize his plight and made things right. That is what I think is so great about this Apostle.

“You’re finished! It’s all over! You may as well give up!” Satan hisses to the soul who has failed. TAKE HEART! Satan is a liar. God specializes in making something beautiful out of shattered lives.

Don’t allow yourself to live in the prison of unforgiveness over your failure. Except God’s forgiveness! Forgive yourself! It’s an affront to God who has forgiven us when we withhold forgiveness from ourselves. Forgive anyone who might have contributed to your failure! And then get up, brush yourself off and get on with it. I love this from the afore mentioned book by Charles Swindoll, “Sitting there licking your wounds will only result in a bitter aftertaste. Sighs and tears and thoughts of quitting are understandable for the moment but inexcusable for the future. Get up and get on with it! Nothing damages our dignity like stumbling. Nothing destroys our life like lying there in the mud–refusing to stand up and shake it off. Failures who give up are useless, but failures who get up are priceless.” 

DON’T give up! There really is life after failure—abundant life! Failure does not need to be the incapacitating experience it all to often is.  It can be the launching pad into a glorious tomorrow. It is up to us!

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