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FOR OCTOBER 12, 2006

Pray for President Bush as he works with world leaders on a coordinated diplomatic response to N. Korea’s testing of nuclear weapons. Pray that the world commitment to a weapon-free Korean peninsula will remain strong. Pray for wisdom for the members of the U.N. Security Council as they consider sanctions against N. Korea and, possibly, Iran.

Pray for the lessons learned at President Bush’s conference on school safety to be implemented by every school. Pray that our schools will be safe places for learning and nurture, and that those who would plan to do harm in our schools will be stopped. Pray that all those who need support or services will receive them before they can harm others.

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Though in the glamour of the public eye I sway the emotions of man by oratory or by my silver singing or by my skillful playing, And then go home and gripe because supper is late or because my clothes weren’t made to suit me, I am become as sounding brass and a tinkling symbol.

Though I am able to accomplish mighty things through faith so that I am become famous among men as a remover of mountains, And have not the love that reads the deep longings of the heart around the family circle and removes the barriers that grow up in shy and tender hearts, I am nothing.

Though in the glamour of public praise I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, Though I win the name and fame of a martyr by giving my body to be burned, Yet close up like a clam at home or behave like a snapping turtle, knowing nothing of the glory of giving myself in unstinting self-denying service to those nearest and dearest,  It profits me nothing.

Love is never impatient, but kind.

Love knows no jealousy.

Love makes no parade, gives itself no airs.

Love is never rude, seeks not her own, nor fights for her own rights.

Love is never resentful,

Never imagines that others are plotting evil against her,

Never broods over wrong,

Never exalts over the mistakes of others but is truly gladdened by goodness.

Love is the acid test of the truly yielded life, for in all other phases of Christian service there is a certain amount of glamour.

But in the home, one is confronted with the bare facts of life, stripped of all glamour. 

The home is given to help every Christian not to think more highly of himself than he ought to think.

And it is in the home that we have the privilege of demonstrating that the Christian life is faith which works by love.

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