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I came across this writing and as I read it I thought Virginia Ellis must surely have known my Mother and written this just for her. Mother passed from this life into the next in August of 2001 after a bitter battle with cancer. October 4 is her birthday.  I am thankful for the friendship we had and she will forever live in my memories.  As you read this piece maybe you can get a glimpse of the kind of woman Lila Marie Layne was.

A woman of talent, a woman of thought,

A woman of charm and good taste,

Independent and private.

Obserbvant and quiet,

A woman of natural grace.

A woman of truth; a woman of honor,

Firm in her beliefs and convictions,

Courageous and brave.

Though sometimes afraid,

Seeks no favors nor dispensations.

A woman of subtle humor and wit,

Is pleased to hear words of good cheer,

Approves of gentle jesting.

Finds debasement distressing,

In such case, just turns a deaf ear.

A woman of kindness, a woman of care,

Whose heart is as big as outdoors,

Can love with a passion.

Can bleed with compassion,

Shows respect and love for the Lord.

A friend I trust and entrust with my soul,

A friend of no age and no race,

As I am, she accepts me.

Seeks no cause to reject me,

A friend, I’ve been given by grace.

by:Virginia (Ginny) Ellis  copyright 2000

As our family has promised each other since I was a little girl, I will meet you “In Front of the Throne” one of these days. 

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Please contribute to this worthy cause and help others be free from this disease.  There are many ways to do this.  Marathons, think and buy pink, donations at grocery stores, department stores, etc.


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