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This past week-end, October 29, 2006 Nathan and I was in Kennewick, Washington for my in-laws farewell/retirement services.  Dad (Rev. B.J. Hurst) preached his farewell sermon on Sunday Morning.  He talked of how people can see the same thing yet walk away with totally different views.  He said, “some of you can only see me and my wife leaving today.  However, I see great revival in store for this church under the leadership of Bro. Wayne Clemetson.”  It was a great going away sermon.   The pictures below are of Dad preaching and Mom playing the piano on Sunday Morning. They did this week in and week out for over 40 years and stayed TRUE-BLUE through it all and they are dearly loved near and far for their faithfulness. 

        100_1278.JPG         100_1273.JPG

A few weeks ago Pastor Clemetson called my husband and told him about a truck he and the church and some of the businesses in Kennewick had bought for Mom and Dad. He said it was a brand-new Ford (because Dad won’t drive anything else) and told of all the particulars and then he said, “You will never believe the color of the truck.”  Nathan asked what it was and Pastor Clemetson said, “True-Blue.  Isn’t that just perfect for your folks?”  We all think so because that is what B. J. and Dorothy Hurst are, TRUE-BLUE.  Just another little thing that went so perfect for their big day.   The video link below is of Pastor Clemetson telling Mom and Dad about the truck, etc.  If you know my mother-in-law you will understand her reaction when Pastor Clemetson says that the truck will be in BOTH of their names. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=juuSMvP3b2Q


Isn’t she a beauty?

Sunday Evening we came back at 5:30 for another great service.  When we arrived at the church it was already packed.  Scott came and escorted Mom to the platform where Dad was already seated in a very special place they had made for them.  When Mom and Dad looked over the congregation you could tell their hearts were full of gratitude and that memories were flooding their minds because so many had come to honor them.  There was well over 300 in the building.  They were down the middle aisle, standing around the sides and out into the vestibule.  People that had moved away for jobs or family etc. had made the trip to come and honor them for their many years of labor and to let them know what a good and TRUE-BLUE pastor they had been to them.  Supt. Barnett and his wife came and honored my in-laws so graciously.  Bro. Barnett asked Dad to keep his license with the UPCI Washington District since he had spent so much time, effort and money there.  It was very special.  Other district officials, past and present was there.  Bro. Steve Smith, a man from the Kennewick church who is now a pastor spoke and was very eloquent about what the Hurst’s mean to him and his family.  Mom and Dad sang, “If I Can Just Touch the Hem of His Garment.”  Awesome job.  Teresa (youngest daughter) sang, “Friends” and it was beautiful and very touching and made us all a little tristful.  The choir sang Dad’s favorite choir song, “What A Change.”  Nathan, Teresa and myself sang “Serving God Is Beautiful.”  And then Nathan preached a master piece on,  “A Worthy Successor”.  WOW!  The anointing was palpable as he preached and as the transfer motif was put into place.  When Dad, the Superintendent and ministry laid hands on Pastor and Sis. Clemetson it was incredible the power and spirit that flowed into the sanctuary.  Then after all of this the church had prepared a bountiful feast and we all had a great time of fellowship and eating. 

100_1322.JPG Dad and Mom singing.    100_1317.JPG  Supt. Barnett

A Time of Fellowship



 Pastor Steve Smith and wife Carol, Bro. Leslie (pastor from Yakima) and Bro. Barnett.


Pastor Wayne Clemetson and wife Dana.    


 Dana Clemetson and Me.


My sisters-in-law (Cynthia and Teresa), Mom and Me

God has been good to Mom and Dad and as we drove out of Kennewick on Monday morning our hearts were full of His blessings.  Mom and Dad’s ministry is not over.  They are just redirecting their gifts, talents and calling.  I am so thankful that they are here with us in Hollister.  Wednesday night was their first service here with us and they were already a blessing. Thank God for people who are TRUE-BLUE!







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