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As a girl, I used to sit on the edge of my parents bed and ask a million questions.  I didn’t think of it then, that they probably would really like to go to sleep, but they always took the time to answer or at least attempted to answer my questions.  The one subject that I always enjoyed getting on was the Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ because that was my Dad’s “candy stick”. His eyes would light up and he would get excited when he began talking about the thousand year reign of Jesus Christ on earth (Rev. 20). And how there would be great happiness and peace and how there would be human perfection etc.  It was hard for my mind to comprehend.  I would sometimes go to my bedroom and think about it until my mind would spin.  Daddy would talk about no more pain or suffering.  No death.  No sorrow.  No back-biting.  No gossip.  No tears of sorrow.  And the list goes on and on.  What would really get me is when he would go from talking about the Millennium to talking about eternity.  WOW!  Can you imagine what it will be like?  I have tried ever since I was a little girl to imagine it all but my mind still goes to spinning.  You see, I am confined by time right now but soon and very soon I will hear that trumpet sound and be caught away to meet my Lord and Savior!  What a Day that will be!  That is another thing that I can hardly comprehend but I know is true.  I will actually get to see Jesus Christ face to face. 

When Daddy was on his death bed he said to my sisters and me that if God chose to heal him and he got up from there it would be a miracle and he would be happy.  However, if God did not choose to heal him in this life and took him in death that it was His perfect will and for us not to fret, because one of these days we would all meet in front of the throne and then we would know that everything he preached for 50+ years was really real.  I am looking forward to that day.  I don’t want to get to attached to this world and miss out on the next.

This world is not my home.  I’m just passing through.  My treasures are laid up, somewhere beyond the blue.  The angels beckon me from Heaven’s open door.  And I can’t feel at home in this world anymore.

Keep looking for the second coming of Jesus Christ.  Let’s not get distracted because the Bible said that He is coming for those who are looking for Him.  Lift up your head, redemption draweth nigh!

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Tomorrow our church will be giving away about 200 turkeys for Thanksgiving.  We will give them to people that would not normally be able to buy them for themselves.  Pray for these people and their families that God will especially bless them this Holiday season.  And may God bless you and your families well.

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