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Looking back over the year 2006 makes my mind spin just a little.  We started out the year with moving our church from one location to another.  And from February to August was in a building program to finish the sanctuary  That was a lot of work!!!  However, the people of the Pentecostal Church are phenomenal and when they set their mind to it, they got it done.

In the midst of all the building program Danelle and I planned a wedding.  On August 25th she married a great guy, Matthew Silveira.  And they were able to have the wedding in our new church.  Not only was the wedding beautiful but the ceremony was kissed with the presence of the Lord.  It was very special.

Oh yes, in June Nathan’s oldest brother Gary moved here from Louisiana and lived with us until August when his wife Patricia and her son Christopher joined him here.  Just in case Gary reads this, he was no trouble.  We enjoyed having him in our home.  We probably drove him crazy though, planning a wedding and finishing the church.  LOL

A week after the wedding we moved from our small house to a bigger one.

In November my mother-in-law- and father-in-law moved here from Kennewick, Washington, as did Nathan’s youngest brother, Randy.  Mom, Dad and Randy have all been living with Gary and Patricia until this past week.  Mom and Dad moved into their own place and Randy got an apartment.  Again, let me say (in case one of them would read this) they were no trouble for Gary and Patricia.  LOL 

I have often said that every family is a little dysfunctional but we Hurst’s put the FUN in dysFUNctional.  LOL

So you can see it’s been somewhat of a whirlwind year. And this is just the highlights.  That’s not counting conferences and meetings, etc. Have you guys ever heard me say I’d rather be busy than bored?  Well, I think I would like to be bored for at least a couple of days. LOL

When I look back through all of this I can’t help but say, “Thank you Lord.  You have been so good to me.  You truly are GREAT.  And when my world is rockin’ and turned upside down I know the rock I can cling to.  I know the hand I can hold.  I know the place I can go for strength, comfort, grace….ANYTHING I need, I find in YOU LORD”.

Looking forward to another year with HIM by my side.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my blogging friends. 

May you be blessed more than you can ask or think.

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Nathan and I went to hear the San Francisco Symphony tonight and it was a delight.

James Gaffigan was the conductor of this concert. This was his first full concert to conduct with the San Francisco Symphony.

They performed Johann Strauss, Jr. :

Overture to Die Fledermaus

Peasant Polka, French Polka, Opus 276

Thunder and Lightning, Quick Polka, Opus 324

Emperor Waltz, Opus 437

After intermission, Brian Stokes Mitchell was the guest vocalist.  He was great.  It was a very enjoyable and relaxing New Year’s Concert.  If you are ever where you can go hear the San Francisco Symphony, I highly recommend you do so.

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This was sent to me by a friend.  It’s worth looking at. 

  Cancer News from Johns Hopkins :


1. No plastic containers in micro.


  2. No water bottles in freezer

3. No plastic wrap in microwave.


Johns Hopkins has recently sent this out in its newsletters. This information is being circulated at Walter Reed Army MedicalCenter as well.


 Dioxin chemicals causes cancer, especially breast cancer.


 Dioxins are highly poisonous to the cells of our bodies. Don’t freeze your plastic bottles with water in them as this releases dioxins from the plastic.


  Recently, Dr. Edward Fujimoto, Wellness Program Manager at Castle Hospital , was on a TV program to explain this health hazard. He talked about dioxins and how bad they are for us.


  He said that we should not be heating our food in the microwave using plastic containers. This especially applies to foods that contain fat. He said that the combination of fat, high heat, and plastics releases dioxin into the food and ultimately into the cells of the body.


 Instead, he recommends using glass, such as Corning Ware, Pyrex or ceramic containers for heating food. You get the same results, only without the dioxin. So such things as TV dinners, instant ramen and soups, etc., should be removed from the container and heated in something else. Paper isn’t bad but you don’t know what is in the paper. It’s just safer to use tempered glass, Corning Ware, etc.


He reminded us that a while ago some of the fast food restaurants moved away from the foam containers to paper. The dioxin problem is one of the reasons.


Also, he pointed out that plastic wrap, such as Saran, is just as dangerous when placed over foods to be cooked in the microwave. As the food is nuked, the high heat causes poisonous toxins to actually melt out of the plastic wrap and drip into the food.


Cover food with a paper towel instead.





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I watched as the big burly man reached down gently and picked up the infant.  She was wrapped snugly in a soft pink blanket and cuddled next to him.  It was such a contrast; the big man and the little fragile infant.  I couldn’t take my eyes off of them for several moments.  He swayed gently to calm her when she whimpered and she immediately was silent.  The love in his eyes for his baby girl was so apparent.  I thought at one time I saw his eyes mist when he looked down at her.  I don’t know who he was or where they were going but there was no mistaking his deep love for his baby girl.

I couldn’t help but think of how gently sometimes I have felt big arms surround me when I was weeping.  One day when I came home from school in the 7th grade, I laid on the floor in our living room and wept as the song, “Sheltered In The Arms of God” played on the stereo.  It was as if I could literally feel the Lord’s arms around me.  How precious those times are when our Heavenly Father wraps us in arms of love and comfort.

If you need to feel His arms around you today, just ask him for His strenghth and comfort and He will be right there. 

Sheltered In The Arms of God

I feel the touch of hands so kind and gentle.  They’re leading me in paths that I must trod.  I’ll have no fear for Jesus walks beside me.  For I’m sheltered in the arms of God.

So let the storms rage high, the dark clouds rise. They don’t worry me, for I’m sheltered safe within the arms of God.  He walks with me and naught of earth can harm me.  For I’m sheltered in the arms of God.

Soon I shall hear the call from heaven’s portal, “Come home my child, this is the last mile you must trod”.  I’ll fall asleep but wake in God’s new heaven, sheltered safe within the arms of God.

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This is something I have NEVER done, but I guess a lot of people do. 

Do YOU?  I guess you really don’t have to tell me.  LOL

The art of the re-gift

By Justin Grant and Aarthi Sivaraman Sun Dec 24, 5:41 PM ET

NEW YORK, Dec 22 (Reuters Life!) – For Christmas this year, New York comedienne Margaret Champagne is giving her boyfriend’s parents 2-year-old candles that had been gathering dust under her bed. 

“Unless they run it through some re-gifting machine, or try to lift my fingerprints off it, how are they going to know it’s a re-gift?” Champagne said in an interview while doing her Christmas shopping at the Manhattan Mall in New York City.

“They even live in another state. Besides, the candles had been under my bed for so long, it’s like they are looking for a perfect home.”

Champagne said she sees nothing wrong with giving unwanted presents to others as gifts and a survey conducted earlier this year by Harris Interactive and Tassimo Hot Beverage System showed she is far from alone.

Its results, which were released in October, showed that 78 percent of the more than 1,500 consumers polled think it’s acceptable to re-gift some, or most, of the time.

More than 60 percent of the women surveyed admitted to re-gifting, or said they would do so in the future, compared with 37 percent of the men.

The term was popularized on an episode of the television series “Seinfeld,” when character Elaine Benes angrily branded a friend a “re-gifter” for giving Jerry the same label-maker she had originally bought for the friend.

Regiftable.com, a Web site operated by Money Management International, offers advice to potential re-gifters so they can avoid similarly embarrassing situations.

The site doles out common sense suggestions, like do not give a partially used gift card or do not give someone a present they originally gave you.

The site also allows re-gifters and recipients to tell their horror stories.

Mike, from New York, writes of a wealthy great-aunt giving him a used pair of black socks and a partial bottle of men’s cologne.

“I can only assume that these belonged to my great uncle who had passed away several years earlier,” Mike wrote. “To this day, whenever I see thin, black, old man socks, I think of my aunt.”

Kim, from Chicago, said her 8-year-old daughter gave her bundt cake mix for Christmas one year, which the child originally got from Kim’s ex-husband.

“I was married to this man for 12 years,” Kim wrote. “I have never owned a bundt cake pan, nor do I own one now”.

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I want to wish all of you a very Blessed and Merry Christmas!  Since tomorrow is Sunday and it is Christmas Eve, I didn’t know if I would have time to sit down at the computer and send out a greeting so I am doing this on Saturday Night.  We will be having a candlelight service tomorrow.  Then we will spend the evening with our family and open our gifts.   On Christmas Day I will be preparing a prime rib dinner  with mashed potatoes,  brown gravy, cream corn, seven layer salad and rolls.  Of course I will be making coconut cream pie and pecan pie also.  I have already made divinity, no bake cookies and snickerdoodles.  I think I will make Martha Washington’s too.  No wonder we gain weight this time of year.  So many goodies have been brought to us also.  It is fun tasting all the favorites and specialties of everyone. Friday Night we had a great time here with a lot of the people from our church (some have already left for the Holidays).  We called it Christmas at the Hurst House.  We had dinner and played games and sang Carols and just enjoyed each other’s company.  I love the family of God and am so glad to be part of such a great people.

My wish for you is that your Christmas is Blessed with friends and family, but mostly with the Presence of Jesus in your homes or wherever you may spend this beautiful day.


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  • Mend a quarrel.


  • Seek out a forgotten friend.


  • Share some treasure.


  • Give a soft answer.


  • Encourage youth.


  • Keep a promise.


  • Find the time.


  • Listen.


  • Apologize if you were wrong.


  • Be gentle.


  • Laugh a little.


  • Laugh a little more.


  • Express your gratitude.


  • Welcome a stranger.


  • Gladden the heart of a child.


  • Take pleasure in the beauty and wonder of the earth.


  • Speak your love.


  • Speak it again.


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Nathan and I shopped ’til we dropped yesterday.  This is unusual since both of us don’t like to shop.  However, we had a blast, buying gifts and just enjoying being with each other.  We shopped awhile at the mall and then went over to Santana Row.  It is very nice this time of year with all the lights on the trees that line the sidewalks and the Christmas Music, etc.  When we are there we usually eat at Maggiano’s a GREAT Italian place.  But we wanted to try something different so we went to Sino Restaurant.  They serve great Asian Cuisine.  If you go you must try the Spicy Dragon Prawns.  mmmmmm…..good.   So, having spent a great day with my husband shopping and having eaten good food, I am happy to report that I Am Finished Shopping for Christmas.  Hallelujah!

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I love kids. I love their honesty and openess. These prayers are from children. I have not corrected any spelling or grammar.  These are exactly how they came to me.


Dear God

Maybe Cain and Abel would not kill each so much if they had their own rooms.  It works with my brother.             Larry

Dear God,

If you watch in church on Sunday I will show you my new Shoes.         Mickey D.

Dear God,

I bet it is very hard. for you to love all of every body in the whole world  There are only 4 people in our family and I can never do it.               Nan

Dear God,

I think about you sometimes even when I’m not praying.       Elliott

Dear God,

In bible times did they really talk that fancy?       Jennifer

Dear God,

I went to this wedding and they kissed right in church  Is that ok?      Neil

Dear God,

Instead of Letting people die and haveing to make new ones why don’t you just Keep the ones you got now?          Jane

Dear God,

I am Amearican  What are you?       Robert

Dear God,

Thank you for the baby brother but what I prayed for was a puppy    Joyce

Dear God–

Please put a–nother Holiday between Christmas and Easter.  There is nothing good in there now.     Ginny

Dear–God–if–we–come–back as–something–please–dont let–me–be Jennifer–Horton because–I–hate her.     Denise

Dear God,

If you give me genie lamp like Alladin  Iwill give you anything you want except my money or my chess set.    Raphael

We read Thos. Edison made light.  But in Sun. School THey said you did it.  So I bet he stoled you r I dea.       Sincerly, Donna

Dear God,

If you let The dinasor not exstinct we would not have a country.  You did the right thing.     Jonathan

Dear God,

Please send Dennis Clark to a different camp this year.      Peter

Dear God,

I think the staplpr is one of your greatest invention      Ruth M.

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  Is God really not answering or is He not saying what we want to hear.  Did He ever say no to anyone else besides me?  Well, let’s see,  Abraham prayed earnestly that Ismael would be the promised child and God said, “NO”.  David prayed that the life  of the child Bathsheba carried would be spared, and God said, “NO”.  Elijah asked God to take his life after one woman threatened him after his great victory and God said, “NO”. 

Have you ever not known exactly where God is?  The heaven’s seem as iron when you pray?  You worship but you can’t feel him?  You sing but He is not there?   We all know the story of Job: “I looked on my left hand, He’s not there.  On my right hand, He’s not there.  In front of me and behind me and He’s not there.”  David asked the Lord, “How long will you forget me”?  Yes, we have all been in places like this.

How about when God says, “Wait awhile”.  I think that is my hardest trial.  I would rather hear an absolute “NO” from God then the “wait awhile” version of a prayer being answered.  However, no matter what God’s answer is to my prayers, “Yes, No, Wait Awhile” or even when I feel like He has forgotten where I live:  I WILL NOT GIVE UP!  I will continue to serve Him.  The reward may come later. Maybe not even in this life, but in the life to come.  One day, I will walk on gold.  One of these days, I will see Jesus face to face.  And that is the ultimate prayer request I want answered with a resounding, “YES”.  “My child, you asked me to help you make it home and you are here.  Enter thou into the joys of the Lord FOREVER.”


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