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This may not mean a whole lot to you all but I just got home from P.A.S.T.O.R.S. Course.  We had to have our final exam finished tonight on Christology and I made a 98 on it.  Thank the Lord!  I so enjoy learning and now I think I’m actually retaining some of it in my brain. PTL  We are now in Pnuematology, so hopefully I will do as well in this class. Pray saints, pray! lol

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I have been tagged twice now so I guess I better respond.  Once from Jewell and once from Gene.  So, here goes:

1. When Mother was carrying me in her 8 month, she fell down a flight of stairs.  I always told her that it was her fault something wasn’t quite right with me. LOL  When I started to crawl I would drag my right leg.  And then when I started to walk I was extremely bow-legged.  Daddy worried about me.  But, I grew up alright. Things straightened out.

2.  I loved P.E. in school, especially gymnastics and was fairly good at it too. When I was younger I loved to play sports: baseball, volleyball, basketball, tennis, badminton (with Mother), etc.  I skated, rode a skateboard, biked, jumped on my Pogo stick, jumped rope, climbed trees, dug and built trenches with Nanci (Shoemake) Holston, so we could play army. Anything so I didn’t have to come into the house.  Not that I didn’t love my home but I love the outdoors. Thank God for parents that let me be a “tom-boy”.  I still snow ski (blue slopes) and play some games when the younger generation will let me.  lol

3.  When I was 9 years old the Lord healed me of allergies.  I had to come home from school almost every day in the spring and my eyes would be nearly swollen shut and itching so bad I couldn’t stand it. The doctor had told Daddy that we would need to move from Fresno, CA to either the coast or desert.  Daddy told the doctor that would be impossible.  He was a pastor and couldn’t just up and move.  And the doctor told Daddy that I would only get worse if we didn’t get to a place that had better air.  Well, the doctor didn’t know the Great Physician can do anything and He did what the doctor thought impossible and I have never suffered from allergies since that time. THANK YOU JESUS!

4.  I didn’t want to marry a preacher!  Although every guy I ever dated was already in the ministry. (well, except one) and he ended up being one. LOL  In fact when our phone rang in our hotel room (mother, daddy and mine) at the General Conference (1976) in Anaheim, CA I would jump in the bathtub FULLY CLOTHED and say to Mother or Daddy, “If that’s Nathan Hurst tell him I’m in the bathtub”.  hee hee  Mother would say, “no! you come talk to this boy.  If you don’t want to go out with him, tell him yourself.”  Well, we did go out, and the rest is history.  And I wouldn’t trade being a minister’s wife for any other life in this world.  I AM BLESSED!

5. I was and am very mischievous.  When my husband was youth secretary in Texas (way back when), I squirted Bro. Jerry Jones in the face with a water gun (we had confiscated quite a few from the campers) after a Rook Tournament with he and his wife, Bro. and Sis. Ken Gurley and Nathan and I.  Needless to say, that turned into quite a water fight. You know sometimes you just go crazy when you deal with teenagers for a long time and that summer we had back to back camps.  I have apologized many times for that however. How was I supposed to know he would be the General Secretary of the U.P.C.I. one of these days? LOL

Well, now that you have found out 5 things you didn’t know about me let’s move onto some others and tag them and see what we can find out about them.  JanaBeckyCarolMariaDiana,  and Shirley Buxton.  Come on ladies! I will be watching to see how you do! lol

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