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Well, we did have a great time.  My last post we had skied and it was only 12 degrees.  When we went back the next day there were signs posted that said, “No exposed skin! Wind-chill is 30 below 0 on the mountain. Frost bite very likely.”  I looked at Nathan and he at me and we said, “NO WAY”!  lol  I guess we’re getting finicky in our “old” age.  But, we live to close to the mountains to waste a day freezing to death. We just cozied up in the condo by the fire.  Nathan’s oldest brother, Gary and his wife, Patricia came up on Friday and we enjoyed being with them and playing spades, etc.  Yes, you can ask who are the best players.  LOL  One night we ate at a seafood buffet ’til we couldn’t eat any more.  Oh my, the crab was incredible as was the fried catfish, seafood gumbo and boiled shrimp.  (see pic below) 

It is good to be home where it is warmer.  It was actually 39 degrees when I was coming home from the store a while ago and it felt warm. lol  It beats the 2 and 3 degree weather we were having at Heavenly with wind-chill way below freezing.  We did have a great time though of just being together with no telephones to answer and all was quiet and peaceful.

ski-trip-2007-005.jpg  Patricia, eating Alaskan King Snow Crab. Look how big that leg is.

ski-trip-2007-004.jpg ski-trip-2007-003.jpg

Nathan and Gary.  Nathan forgot he had taken my purse so I could take this picture. LOL  Patricia, Gary and me.  This is the day it was 30 below on the mountain.  ouch, it was cold!!!

ski-trip-2007-007.jpg  It may look nice and warm here but it was only 8 degrees and we are standing on solid ice but at least the sun was bright and beautiful this day.

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