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I’m beginning to think about Easter Dinner and as I was looking for different recipes I came across this interesting tid-bit.  I thought you would probably be interested as well so I am sharing it with you.


Hot Cross Buns have long been a symbol of Good Friday.  Today they are sold in bake shops and supermarket bakeries throughout the Easter season.  Each bun has an icing cross on top to signify the crucifixion.

In England, they were once sold by street vendors who advertised their wares with cries of, “Hot Cross Buns! Hot Cross Buns!”  Their street cries became a nursery rhyme….

Hot Cross Buns!

Hot Cross Buns!

One a penny, two a penny,

Hot Cross Buns!

If ye have no daughters,

Give them to your sons.

One a penny, two a penny,

Hot Cross Buns.

Although they have been a Lenten and Good Friday tradition for centuries, Hot Cross Buns were not always associated with Christianity.  Their origins lie in pagan traditions of ancient cultures, with the cross representing the four quarters of the moon.  During early missionary efforts, the Christian church adopted the buns and re-interpreted the icing cross.  In 1361, a monk named Father Thomas Rockcliffe began a tradition of giving Hot Cross Buns to the poor of St. Albans on Good Friday.  In years that followed, many customs, traditions, superstitions, and aclaims of healing and protection from evil were associated with the buns. In the 16th century, Queen Elizabeth I passed a law banning the consumption of Hot Cross Buns except during festivals such as Easter, Christmas and funerals.

What do you think of such traditions?  Do you serve Hot Cross Buns on Good Friday or with your Easter Dinner? 


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I just wanted to try out this rockyou thing.  Hope you enjoy the pics.

[rockyou id=60485702&w=426&h=320]

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Pacific Grove, California

It has been beautiful here the last few days. “Spring has sprung”. I know there will more than likely be another cold snap before the warm weather really sets in, but isn’t that part of spring? I always get a little tickled at people every year who say, “I thought it was spring. Where did this cold come from”? I have been living for nearly 50 years (oooo….sounds old) and as far back as I can remember there is always a little cold snap right around Easter. lol Well, I didn’t really mean to get on a “soap box” here but you have to admit it’s kind of funny when people do this. I think they may just feel the need to talk. Anyway, here are a few of my favorite quotes and poems about Spring.

  • Spring in the world! And all things are made new. Ibid.

Spring comes laughing down the valley

All in white, from the snow

Where the winter’s armies rally

Loth to go.

Amelia Josephine Burr, “New Life,” Life and Living, 1916


California Poppies

Then came the lovely spring with a rush of

blossoms and music,

Flooding the earth with flowers, and the air with melodies vernal.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, “The Theologian’s Tale,” Tales of a Wayside Inn, 1863-1874

Spring, with that nameless pathos in the air

Which dwells with all things fair,

Spring, with her golden suns and silver rain,

Is with us once again. Henry Timrod, “Spring,” 1862

Song of Solomon 2:11-13 (Amplified Bible)

11 For, behold, the winter is past; the rain is over and gone.

12 The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing [of birds] has come, and the voice of the turtledove is heard in our land.

13 The fig tree puts forth and ripens her green figs, and the vines are in blossom and give forth their fragrance. Arise, my love, my fair one, and come away.

(Could this be the season we hear these words, “Arise my love, my fair one, and come away”. Wouldn’t that be awesome?)

I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful season!

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Nathan, (my husband) has been teaching a series to women the past few weeks.  It has been so good and he has covered a lot of territory.  Devotion, modesty, generosity, gossip…..and the list goes on.   When I heard this song I knew I had to sing it.  The ladies in our church have this attitude.  No matter what they go through, they are going to make it. I know a lot of good, Godly women who feel this way.  We have a made up mind.

 So, tonight was the night.  My backup vocals:  Danelle Silveira, Tena Valenti and Patricia Hurst. They did a superb job.  And I must say that Kyle “tore” up the guitar on this one.  It was one of those songs that is a lot of fun but with a great message.  (Thanks Barbara for this one.)



Verse 1

I’m the kind of woman that can go through hell.

Stay the night in the lion’s den and live to tell the tale.

I’m the kind of woman who can look death right in the eye

Stand on the word and declare that I will live and not die.


‘Cause I’m a no matter what, no matter what, no matter what woman.

I’m filled with the Holy Ghost.

I’m full of the word of God.

Greater is He who lives in me.

I just can’t be stopped.

‘Cause I’m a no, no, no matter what, no matter what woman!

Verse 2

I’m the kind of woman, when my closest friend walks out

I know that the joy of the Lord is my strength,

I’ll lift my hands and shout.

I’m the kind of woman who can take the devils best hit.

Pick myself up off the floor and simply refuse to quit!


You might see me down, but you’ll never see me knocked out!

You might see me fall, but I’ll get back up and shout!

You might see me weary, but you’ll never see me stopped!

You might see me at the bottom, but I’ll be headed for the top!

Verse 3

I’m the kind of woman if I fall I’ll rise again!

I know that I’m more than a conqueror and I’m destined to win!

I’m the kind of woman when I’ve done everything I can do,

I refuse to worry, ’cause I know he’ll bring me through.

(repeat chorus)


Romans 8:38-39 (King James Version)

  38For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come,

 39Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.


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click photo to enlarge

These are  flowers at a wedding we had on March 9th.  I thought they were so pretty.  A lady in our church, Christina Atkinson did all the flowers for this wedding.  I wanted to share them with you.


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These should bring a smile to your face.  Children’s Science Exam:

Q:  Name the four seasons.  A:  Salt, pepper, mustard and vinegar.

Q:  How is dew formed?    A:  The sun shines down on the leaves and makes them perspire.

Q:  How can you delay milk turning sour? (brilliant, love this!)   A:  Keep it in the cow.

Q:  What are steroids?    A:  Things for keeping carpets still on the stairs.

Q:  Name a major disease associated with cigarettes.    A:  Premature death.

Q:  What is the fibula?    A:  A small lie.

Q:  What does “varicose” mean?    A:  Nearby

Q:  Give the meaning of the term “Cesarean Section”.    A:  The Cesarean Section is a district in Rome.

Q:  What does the word “benign” mean?    A:  Benign is what you will be after you be eight.  

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The little girl with me in this picture is my great-niece, Alayna.   Isn’t she a doll? 


This past week I was able to spend a few days with the family in Texas and get caught up on all the family stuff.   As we were coming back from dinner on Thursday Night, my sister Karla began to ask Alayna questions.  Now when Alayna goes to church she really gets into the singing and worship, etc.  So, Karla asked her if she still worshipped like she use to and Alayna said, “sure”.  Karla said, “show me again how you raise your hands when you are praying”.  And Alayna put both hands up and said, “that’s how I do it, Aunt Karla”.  And then she said, “You know what Aunt Karla, some people only put one hand up like this”, and showed us how they do.  Karla asked, “why do you think they do that Alayna”?  And she said, “I guess they just don’t have enough to give God”!  WOW!  Out of the mouth of babes.  Do you have enough to put both hands straight up in the air and give praise to God?  You never know what little child might be watching you worship and think you are only half-hearted about it.  They may not know how to put it in exactly the right terms but they know if we are completely sold out to God and God alone.  DO YOU HAVE ENOUGH?

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Happy Birthday to my “baby” sister, Karla!  It is really hard to believe that you are 40 years old today.  I was 9 years old when you were born and I have always been so proud of my little sister.  I remember how pretty you were as a baby and as you grew how funny.  You made us all laugh so many times.  You truly were a joy to have in our lives.  That joy has grown down through the years and you are now a joy to so many people.  You have a great husband and two precious boys and now the people of Pflugerville, Texas are beginning to experience the joy that you can bring into a life.

Thanks for being a great “baby” sister and one of my very best friends!

Love you BUNCHES!

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“Thank you Lord.  I just want to thank you.  I just want to thank you.  Thank you Lord.  I just want to thank you.  I just want to thank you Lord!”   That is an old chorus we used to sing and that is my heart-beat tonight.  Sometimes that is  all you can say is, Thank you Lord. 

We are in special services with Bro. Greg Henry and I cannot begin to describe the miraculous things that God is doing.  Here is just one of the miracles that took place just last night.  There is a young man in our church who had joined the army and after a few months of training had to come home because of a knee injury.  He has been in terrible pain every day.  The doctors had told him  that he would never run again and would soon need the help of crutches to be able to walk.  Well…..when the Great Physician touches you, great things happen.  When this young man was touched by God, I looked up and he was running and leaping and had the biggest smile on his face.  It made me think that maybe this is what the lame man looked like as he went walking and leaping into the temple, and praising God in Acts 3:8.  He has not taken any medication today and says there is absolutely NO pain.  When God does the work He does an excellent job.  “Thank you Lord.  I just want to thank you!”  There have been many spiritual battles won already and I am so thankful.  As time permits I may write about some more blessings, healing, miracles, etc.  that are taking place as God moves.  “Thank You Lord!

I will be out of town for a few days so I may not blog as much as usual.  I will be back though.  I like staying in contact with you all and love hearing your reports of victory as well.  May God’s riches blessings be yours this week.

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A couple of days ago I bought double zip-lock bags and ever since then I have been wondering about something…..Did the single zip not work well enough or what?  I think they worked well enough and they were for sure easier to zip.  Then of course, my mind starts going crazy thinking of all kinds of stuff.  There is no longer single blade razors.  Now they have triple and quadruple blades for a closer shave.  Just about every meal you order in a restaurant they ask if you want to Super Size it.  Why can’t we be satisfied with a regular meal anymore?  There is buy two, get two free.  Do we really need FOUR boxes of Cheerios?  Sports are not just sports anymore but they are EXTREME sports.  What’s the deal?  Do you think we will ever go back to anything normal or will this just keep going on and on?  Can you imagine nine blades for a closer shave?  What will that look like?  Could we hold it?  I don’t know.  It just seems like we can’t be satisfied now days with simple things.  Maybe I’m reading it all wrong and you can help me with my little confused brain.  And to think, this all came about because I bought double zip-lock bags.  Whew!

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