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How do you put down in words the blessings of God?  Today was another one of those services where heaven kissed earth.  From the very first song, “Again, I say Rejoice” to “Blessed Be the Name of the Lord” and then “God Is Here” and then the chorale sang, “The Presence of the Lord is Here”.  Evangelist Greg Henry helped me on the part of that song that says, “Can you see Him working on the outside? I can feel Him moving on the inside.  So come and Enter in and cast your cares on Him, He’ll open up the windows and pour you out a blessing. ‘Cause when the Lord steps in, He brings everything you need, Healing, Power and Victory.  You see it’s all up to you, whatever you need Him to do. Just trust Him and believe and then by faith you will receive…”   We had so much fun and the POWER did indeed come in.  Just as I was going off of the platform I heard a trio begin to sing, “It’s My Time for God’s Favor”.  Oh my did we have a time.  The second part of that song says,  “Step In, step in, step in and be blessed”.  You can imagine what everyone began to do.  Yes!  Every time they said, “Step In”  we all took a step.  It was great!  People received the gift of the Holy Ghost all over the building today as they have been doing since this past Monday Night.  I cannot put into words the power and majesty that has filled the sanctuary every time we gather together in Praise and Worship the past several services.  It’s just Another level, another breakthrough that God is taking our church to.  It is time for God’s favor in your life too, so STEP IN and be blessed!

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