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There is a story told about two young men during World War I.  These men had grown up together and had been friends from childhood.  They enlisted in the armed services together and ended up in the same area of battle together.  One evening, after a severe battle, it was realized that one of the young men was missing.  The other went immediately to the commanding officer to ask permission to try and find his friend.  It was only after much persistence that permission was granted.  After a number of hours, the soldier returned to camp carrying the limp body of his comrade.  The officer asked, “Didn’t I tell you that you were wasting your time?”     “Oh, no,” the young man replied radiantly, “it was not a waste of time.  I arrived just soon enough to hear him say, ‘I knew you’d come.’  “

Loyalty is a value which is desperately needed in our world today.  It is a priceless virtue for which everyone should strive.  Few people are as highly respected as those upon whom others can depend.  That is the fruit of loyalty—earning the trust and respect of others.

Loyalty is easily recognized in an individual.  When a person is truly loyal, he is faithful—even when it hurts.  He is constant, consistent, and faithful in any relationship or obligation to which he commits himself.  He is not swayed by his own personal feeling, family relations, or the popular opinion of the day; rather, he stands firmly upon the things he believes.  He does not accept or believe destructive criticism, gossip, or rumors, but exhibits trust and confidence.

Obviously, loyalty does not come easily.  It takes a definite determination, a strong “will-power,” and the grace of God.  However, the blessings and rewards–both spiritual and earthly–make it well worth the effort.

Are you a loyal friend?

Are you a loyal spouse?

Are you loyal to your pastor and home church?

Are you a loyal mother or father?

Be Loyal!  The reward is well worth it.

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