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If you play the organ or piano in a worship service you have asked yourself this question at one time or another.  Now that the singing has stopped WHAT DO I DO NOW?  Here is some valuable information that has helped me down through the years.

Background music is a very important part of the worship service.  At least in a Pentecostal Service it is.  It may be provided by the organ, a keyboard or a piano.  Good background music doesn’t allow a service to be dull or boring—it helps every part of the service flow together.  Effective background music isn’t automatic just because you can play:  it takes practice, hard work, and much prayer


I.  Thou shall utilize sufficient bass. Without a solid foundation your playing will sound like a circus organ or calliope.

II.  Thou shall not be afraid to change keys.  You don’t want the congregation to fall into a trance!

III.  Neither shall thou fear to change the draw-bars.  AMEN!!!  Add some spice to your music.

IV.  Thou shall not feel obligated to play a song.  It’s best not to play songs for background music.

V.  Honor thy pastor’s preferences, that thy life may be long on the platform.  If you’re unsure, ask him!  Some ministers prefer no music during the reading of scripture and altar call.  Find your pastor’s preference before service begins.  This is also good for visiting ministers.

VI.  Thou shall not seek to be the center of attention by demonstrating thy newest achievements when it might be a distraction in the service.  Your music is an accessory, not the mainstay to those crucial points in the service.  Prayer requests and altar calls are subject to distraction—keep your music in balance. 

 VII.  Thou shall be sensitive to the Spirit of God and HIS leading in the service.  Pray that you are in alignment with your pastor and the Spirit of God for that service.  NEVER forget your purpose.

Music is a marriage between emotion and intellect, and if people come only because of the thrill of the music, they will soon tire.  This is why we need to pray, pray, pray for God to be in our music.

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