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Ecc. 4:9 (NLT) Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed.

The generation we live in today is known as the “ME” generation.  However, in this selfish world we live in, we still need each other to survive.  Independence doesn’t get you very far.  Sometimes we feel like if we express that we have a need that it is a sign of weakness, or an open admission of failure and/or lack of character.  Furthermore, we are going and doing so much, who has time to have a meaningful conversation and share ourselves with others?  When we opt for isolationism instead of involvement we suffer bitter consequences.  Don’t buy into the “me-ism” mindset of today.  No one person is a whole team.  No one person is a whole orchestra.  Each one of us is a “musician” and if you take away one musician the symphony is incomplete.  We need each other.  You need someone and someone needs you. 

Our ladies retreat this year was just such a place of sharing and caring for each other.  We laughed together.  We cried together.  We played together.  We prayed together.  We studied God’s word together.  It was a great time of just being there with each other and carrying each others burdens for a few days.  It was a time of relaxation and calm.  We got up to Koinonia on Thursday Night.  Friday was a free day and it was great, swimming, hiking, etc.  Friday Evening, Rene Wilbanks spoke on “Building a Relationship with HIM”.  The Spirit of the Lord moved in such a precious way.  I cannot describe it here.  It was a beautiful move of God.  Saturday Morning, Rene Wilbanks spoke again and her subject was “I am not Content to stay Uncontented”.  It was something every lady probably needs to hear.  Then, Saturday afternoon we played hard.  We hiked, did crazy things like the “NO FEAR” obstacle course (not me), rode the crazy trikes, hiked up the side of a huge mountain to slide down the mountain slide and then hiked back up to do it all over again.  LOL  It was a fun filled day.  Saturday Night was very, very special.  Our theme was, “Reflecting HIS Image”.  I had several of our ladies speak and they all did a SUPER job! 

Patricia Hurst spoke on, “Reflecting His Image through: 

Personal Evangelism 

Faith Nava:  Personal Relationships

Danelle Silveira: Music

Tena Valenti: Giving of your time and finance. 

Christina Atkinson: Teaching in the Public School System (or, when you can’t talk about Him, how do you Reflect His Image?)

Dorothy Hurst: Faithfulness

And then I wrapped it up with speaking on; Reflecting HIS Image with “Kind Words”. 

We had a great time and everyone left being blessed and lifted up.

Go Here for more pics.

Here are a very few pics of ladies retreat 2007, enjoy:

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