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Charles Swindoll wrote this in “Growing Wise in Family Life” and I think it is well worth repeating here.  This is so true!

What’s the atmosphere like in your home these days?…Are you in danger of raising a “hurried child?”  Capture some time this week and take an honest look at the quality of childhood your family lifstyle is providing for your little ones.  What will be memorable to your kids when they, as adults, look back on the early years?  Will it all seem like a marathon?  Have you allowed television to snatch up much of your children’s unscheduled minutes…and hours?

Seeking God’s wisdom, ask yourselves, “What can we do as mom and dad to encourage our kids to enjoy being kids.”  Are you creating an atmosphere of relaxation and flexibility…or do the words hurry and rigidity better characterize your home?  Any plans for a relaxed family vacation in the works?…As you plan, remember that childhood is an infinitely precious commodity.  Your children will only grow up once. 

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