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Congratulations to our daughter Danelle. She graduated this past Friday from Dental Assistance School. We are very proud of her!

Danelle's Grad and puppy 009 Just received certificate.

Danelle's Grad and puppy 015Matt, Cassandra and Danelle. Thank you Cassandra for helping Danelle in this endeavor.

Danelle's Grad and puppy 016 Danelle and Nathan. Proud Dad.

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Isabelle Update

We have renamed our little puppy. Her name now is “QUEEN” Isabelle. She can just give you the look of “do I really have to bother with you right now?” It is quite hilarious. She is a delight though. Here are a few pics of her this week.

click photos to enlarge

Playing outside

She is really running here. You just can’t tell because she is so low to the ground. 🙂

Is that bone as big as her or what? 🙂 Thanks Danelle. 🙂

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