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I need for all of my friends to pray for my husband’s cousin, Nila.  Her son Benjamin passed away Saturday night and he was only 26 years old.  He has a sister, Felicia and a brother, Darian. They need the comfort that only God can bring at this time.  His dad also…his name is Bill.  There is of course extended family that is being touched by this as well.  Nila’s brothers, Darry and Danny, her sister Nolia and her mother, Tiny Beth Crossly.   Thank you for praying once again in a time of great need.

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Sunday Service Testimony

Her name, Jackie (changed). She came to our church last Wednesday Night. She had just been released from the juvenile delinquent center. Due to the ministry our church has at the center she called the director of this ministry to ask if she could come to our church. Melissa was thrilled and said, “of course you can come.” I watched her throughout the service. You could just tell she was enthralled with it all. Sunday I saw her come in again. This time a little more comfortable. At the end of the message as my husband gave the altar appeal I watched her as she came forward and began to pray. Oh how beautiful the transformation as she began to weep and then speak in a beautiful language (tongues) as God gave the utterance. Nathan had preached an awesome message, “A Branch on the Breakers”. In the after glow of the service as we were sitting and talking with someone else, “Jackie” came over to us and said, “I got that Holy Ghost”. We said, “Awesome. We are so happy for you to be here….” She was so cute when she said, “I saw that branch and I just reached in and grabbed it.” You would just have to hear the sermon to understand what that statement means. It was just so precious. There was 2 boys there yesterday from this ministry as well. They were also touched. It was a great day of praise, worship and taking yet another step higher in God.

Visit here to see other good things that happened on Sunday.

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“If people only knew how hard I work to gain my mastery, it wouldn’t seem so wonderful after all.” Michelangelo Buonarroti

All of us want wonderful things to come in our lives such as fulfilling relationships, good health, becoming widely respected for something we do well and financial freedom. But these things don’t just happen; you have to prepare the way for good to come to you. One way to begin is by doing for others. Here are some simple steps:

  • If you want to receive, give. Before buying a whole new wardrobe, give away some ill-fitting clothes to a worthy charity, like a shelter for homeless men or battered women. By thinking of those who have less, you may feel that you need less than you once thought.
  • Make choices. No one has everything at once, so narrow your goals. One woman decided that she couldn’t manage being both full-time mother and a law firm-partner. She decided to stay home while her children were small and return to work at a later date. She fulfilled her professional desires by volunteering her legal services to her children’s preschool.
  • Work toward your goal every day. If you want a beautifully decorated house but you’re low on funds, browse in stores and magazines for ideas. A clever way of arranging the furniture might inspire a no-cost renovation.
  • Be thankful for what you do have. The more attention you give to your blessings, the likelier they are to increase. When you nourish the good things in your life, they will gain strength and multiply.
  • Remind yourself that most lucky breaks are the result of patience and hard work!

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We boarded the plane and flew from Houston to Phoenix. I thought I had enough time to finish the last post and just as I began to write I heard it on the speaker yet again…they were calling for my flight number to begin boarding the plane for San Jose. How can these things be? 🙂 I guess I looked at my watch wrong for I sure thought I had more time. Anyway, we are now safely tucked into our home and things are back to a bit of normalcy.

I was writing in the previous post about Friday with Wendell and Linda in Lufkin. They are making the adjustment to their new role very well. When we got to the Texas District Office Wendell was very busy and Linda too. Texas Camp Meeting begins next week and it is always such a busy time. They are very happy in doing what they feel like is the Lord’s will for them at this time. It was about lunch time so Wendell said he knew where the best burgers in Lufkin were being served and we said, “Let’s Go”. He drove out to the little airport cafe there and yes the burgers were great and we got to watch as the small planes came in and out. One couple came in and we talked to them for a little bit. They said they just flew up from the Houston area just to eat a hamburger. Well isn’t that just fun?!!! We so enjoyed our visit with Wendell and Linda.

Saturday with Gene and Karla was great. We laughed and laughed as we did with Wendell and Linda the day before. We also got to eat at one of my favorite places, Pappadeaux. Of course I ordered the Crawfish Platter but was not able to eat it all. It’s huge and no one wanted to split it with me. 😦 Gene and Karla took us by their church and showed us the new educational wing they have just finished. WOW! It looks so nice.

Sunday morning we drove back to Houston to celebrate with our friends, Ken and Tessie Gurley. They have been at First Church in Pearland for 20 years. We had a great time honoring them for the incredible work they have done in Pearland. Ken and Tessie Gurley are faithful and both of them are such hard workers and a blessing to the Kingdom of God. I’m glad we were able to go and celebrate with them and their church on this special occasion. When we drove up to the church we read the sign, “Welcome, J.W. Harrell”, and Nathan and I said at the same time, “YES”! We knew by the sign that he would be the guest minister for the service and we were so excited. Bro. Harrell has got to be one of our favorite preachers in the world and we were not disappointed one bit. He preached an incredible message that I will forever remember. Call First Church and get the c.d. 🙂 I know this, every time I hear the Tribe of Dan mentioned I will always remember this sermon.

After church we went to eat at a very good Italian place with our friends, The Gurley’s, The Macey’s, The Harrell’s, The Johnson’s, Leann Hughes and about 40 other friends. 🙂 Seriously! We had a great time. It was so good to see The Barnett’s (Tessie’s folks), Darrell, Jeanette, Jared, Jennifer, T’Neil, Tyler, Kenzie, Brandon, Jackie, Brittany, The Walea’s, Donovan and Sherie, Myrick Johnson and his family…..get the drift? After we ate and had good fellowship with all, we went to Ken and Tessie’s new place. It is so beautiful. I am proud for them. And yes, it is decorated beautifully. Would you expect anything different from a home that Tessie Gurley lives in? 🙂 Ronnie and Jeana Macey (other long time friends) was with us and we had a great time laughing and talking and reminiscing. It was good catching up with “old” friends. 🙂

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To Be Continued

Right now I am waiting to board the airline in Houston.  We are heading toward home.  We had a great time in Texas visiting with Wendell and Linda on Friday.  Friday evening we met up with Mark and Diane Green for dinner and had a lot of fun catching up.  Thanks to them for the meal that evening.  It doesn’t get any better than southern fried catfish with all the trimmings. 🙂  Saturday we drove to Austin and spent the day and night with Gene and Karla and Cameron and Chad.  It was so much fun being with them again.  Well….they are calling my zone to board so this post is cut really short.  There is more to tell about Sunday with the Gurley’s.  To be continued…..  🙂

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