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Nathan and I have been out of town for a few days, celebrating our 31st wedding anniversary (Sept 2).  We were able to go to Bodega Bay, CA (1 1/2 hours northwest of San Francisco) and stay at the Bodega Bay Lodge and Spa.  Thank you to our church family for giving us this gift.  They actually gave it to us for our 4 year pastor/church anniversary and we were able to use it for our wedding anniversary trip.  I guess you could say we “killed two birds with one stone”.  🙂  Bodega Bay is beautiful and especially at this time of year.  The nights are cool and the days are warm and perfect.  I asked one lady if that was typical weather and she said, “Yes. September and October is kind of our secret.  After all the tourists leave from summer travel then we get the good weather.” 🙂 I thought that was cute.  For those of you who don’t understand the weather pattern on the coast…In the summer months it is cold and foggy a lot of days and then now (September/October) it is sunshine and perfect weather with no Marine Layer (Fog). 🙂   Needless to say, we had a great time just relaxing and doing absolutely nothing! Well…we did walk on the beach and took a couple of drives up the coast with the convertible top down.  I sat on the balcony of our room with an ocean view and crocheted a little and read, etc.  This was an awesome, peaceful time for us. Thanks again to our incredible church family for this gift. 🙂


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