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Kids are the Greatest

I just got back from Children Choir Practice and it was so good.  Noel Cordova and Teresa Sarria are starting a kids choir.  They are learning a song about the Ten Commandments and even in their squirming and bouncing around (as kids will do) you could just tell that they were getting it.  I love kids!  Then when I got home I noticed again this little note setting on our counter.  The neighborhood girl who was baptized a couple of Sunday’s ago made it and gave it to my husband.  Her name is Divina.  She was able to come to church on Wednesday Night and I noticed that during Bible Study she was writing and writing.  I knew (instinctively) that she wasn’t taking notes. 🙂  So I thought, I will have to tell her sometime that we don’t draw and color in church. 🙂  Well, that was until I saw what she was doing.  She gave this to my husband after church.  She got the detail of the pulpit fairly good I thought.  I hope this brings a smile to your face as it did ours. 🙂 Do I still have to tell her that she can’t draw in church? 🙂


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