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This week we have been in Bakersfield for Western District Board Meetings.  Nathan is the Multicultural Ministries Director and works closely with the Home Missions Board under the leadership of Bro. Tim Flowers and Bro. Gordon Richardson.  It is long and tiring work but it has to be done. The fellowship that goes along with it makes it enjoyable.  I love being with the people of God in any setting, even board meetings. 🙂

I enjoyed dinners, lunches and late night crazy fun with some of my friends.  I laughed so hard with Amber Gilliam, Darla Young and Susan Hill until my sides ached.  I’m ready for another late night Wal-Mart run, girls. 🙂  I enjoyed dinner with Sis. O’Keefe, Sis. Abbey, Sis. Pat Keyes and Aunt Joyce (Sis. Baglin).  I don’t get to spend a lot of time with Aunt Joyce and I really enjoyed my time with her.  Someone asked me how we are related and I had to tell them that we are not blood kin.  However, before my Dad or Uncle Bill (Barnes) was ever married, they evangelized together.  When they got married…Murray to Lila (Daddy and Mother) and Bill to Joyce, Mother and Aunt Joyce became best of friends also.  So when we were all growing up we just started calling them Uncle Bill and Aunt Joyce and it has been that way ever since. Uncle Bill has since gone on to his reward and Aunt Joyce married a wonderful man, Bro. Bob Baglin.  Sometimes it’s kind of funny sounding when I say, “Hello, Bro. Baglin and Aunt Joyce.”  But now you will know why that is the case. 🙂  LIfe is good and I love them both.

I also enjoyed a little bit of fellowship with Sis. Mullings, Anita Harding, Gayla Baughmen (sorry, didn’t get a pic)  and Deana Krantz.  Love you all and I am already looking forward to Ladies Conference in March.  I know we will have a great time!  🙂

There was actually gasoline for under $3.00 in Bakersfield so I had to take a couple of pics.  The Chevron caught our attention, so I took the picture, and then on the way home it got better when I saw the 76.  Gas is still over $3.00 here in Hollister so that was awesome to me. 🙂  I did find gas today in Morgan Hill for $2.99. Yeah!  LOL I know it’s crazy of me to be excited about gasoline prices going down but I am.  Oh well, Thank God for small blessings! 🙂

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Where do I begin? The highly anticipated week-end has come and gone and we are ecstatic and a little in shock and very humbled for what God has done.  Yes, We prayed and fasted.  We planted and watered seed and GOD gave the increase.  Soul Winners Boot Camp was above and beyond what we could have thought.  On the first night, Thursday, the presence of God met with us in a powerful way.  We were off to a good start.  All day Friday the sessions with Bro. Matt Maddix, Bro. David Smith, Bro. Tim Downs and Bro. Travis Worthington were packed with superb information about soul winning and also the presence of God.  A huge shout out to this team.  You guys were great!  We had 91 boot campers registered.  I must say that I don’t think I have ever been around that many people at one time that the only reason we were together was to reach the lost.  Boot Campers, your attitudes were awesome.  I so enjoyed having you here in Hollister.  Your hard work in walking the streets of our city and witnessing to people paid off, BIG TIME!!!

Friday Night we had a downtown block party and I stood in amazement as people were so hungry for God that they got baptized in their street clothes in cold water.  And then watched as God miraculously filled them with the Holy Ghost.  On Saturday we had an event in one of the parks in town and even though the day was warmer than the night before, I once again stood in amazement as people so hungry for God was baptized in their street clothes in the cold water.  And, once again watched as God filled them with the Holy Ghost.  My husband said he was overwhelmed one time when he saw three young boys who had just been baptized, standing together and praying, as all three of them began to speak in tongues at the same time and received the Holy Ghost.  There are so many stories to tell, I cannot possibly put them all here.  Just know that God moved in a sovereign way in Hollister this last few days.  On Sunday, the Lord met with us again.  Many of the people that was at the block party and the park was in church on Sunday.  One lady and her daughter received the Holy Ghost while the chorale was singing, “Everybody Ought To Know (Who Jesus Is)”.  They were baptized on Friday Night downtown and received the Holy Ghost today. 10 people received the Holy Ghost in our Sunday Service.

After service on Sunday our family took my father-in-law out for his 76th birthday.  While we were eating we received a phone call from one of the saints…she had invited her neighbor and a couple in our church over for dinner.  While they were eating and talking about the good things of God the neighbor said that she wanted the Holy Ghost.  They stopped what they were doing and began to pray and she received the Holy Ghost right there in her living room.  Like I said, to many stories to tell.

So…All totaled for this week-end:  70 received the Holy Ghost and 61 Baptized.

To my awesome church family, “The Pentecostal Church”…I cannot describe my feelings for you today. Proud, thankful, in awe, amazed…I know how hard you have worked and how much you have prayed and fasted for revival.  I did not see one person that was not involved in some way or other in this past weekend.  That is not hyperbole.  That is the truth.  There are so many details that go into a meeting like this and you all pulled it off with class and efficiency.  Nathaniel you did a superb job in organizing everything.  I am proud. 🙂  Your immediate team that you worked with was unbelievably good too.  Please allow me to say, as great as this was,  THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING!!!  God has opened the flood-gates of heaven.  We must keep working until Jesus comes.  Let’s take many souls with us from Hollister to dance on streets of gold.  God bless you all mightily.  Read more here!  See report from Nathaniel here.

Go to our church web-site for photos in the Soul Winners Boot Camp photo category.

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Read this for some exciting news about our church and SWBC.

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I am very excited about Soul Winners Boot Camp!  It’s just a few days away, October 23-25.  Our church has been praying a fasting for several weeks now and you can already feel the effects in our services and even around town.  It is as if the ceiling is being taken off the atmosphere and the light of God is beginning to shine through in and around our area.  I am honored that we will be hosting such a dedicated group of people who want to be soul winners in their home towns and churches.  Those of you who are coming to Hollister for SWBC, let me say even now, You are welcomed here and we are so glad you are coming to learn and participate in soul winning with Bro. Maddix and his team.  When you leave and go back to your respective places I know you will be inspired and equipped to win souls for the great Kingdom of God.  Time is short! We must work while we have a little bit of daylight left.  The night is swiftly coming, when no man can work and bring forth a harvest.  Let’s win souls together and see people brought to their knees in repentance and then filled with the precious gift of the Holy Ghost and baptized in the only saving name, Jesus.  I am already looking forward to reports coming back about the souls you are going to win when you go back home. WOW! See you all in a few hours! The SWBC motto is, “In Your Face Devil”.  Yes!  Let’s see just how many people we can get out of his clutches before the Lord makes His return to the earth.  I want to take many with me in the rapture. How about you?

Go to: www.thepentecostalchurchonline.org for SWBC info.

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If you still live in a house you may need to buy extra candy this year for those little ones who come by your place and say, “trick or treat”.  🙂

Haunted Houses

And, please….before you start sending me reasons we don’t believe in Halloween, I already know.  I just thought this was sadly cute. 😦 🙂

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The first response to any crisis is prayer; urgent and honest prayer. Before we turn to money managers and governments, let’s turn to the Maker of the Universe.

Max Lucado

You Have Our Attention, Lord
A prayer by Max Lucado – October 2008

Our friends lost their house
The co-worker lost her job
The couple next door lost their retirement
It seems that everyone is losing their footing
This scares us. This bailout with billions.
These rumblings of depression.
These headlines: ominous, thunderous –
“Going Broke!” “Going Down!” “Going Under!” “What’s Next?”
What is next?
We’re listening. And we’re admitting: You were right.
You told us this would happen.
You shot straight about loving stuff and worshipping money.
Greed will break your heart, You warned.
Money will love you and leave you.
Don’t put your hope in riches that are so uncertain.
You were right. Money is a fickle lover and we just got dumped.
We were wrong to spend what we didn’t have.
Wrong to neglect prayer and ignore the poor.
Wrong to think we ever earned a dime. We didn’t. You gave it. And now, tell us Father, are You taking it?
We’re listening. And we’re praying.
Could you make something good out of this mess?
Of course You can. You always have.
You led slaves out of slavery,
Built temples out of ruins,
Turned stormy waves into a glassy pond and water into sweet wine.
This disorder awaits your order. So do we.
Through Christ,

God will always give what is right to His people who cry to Him night and day, and He will not be slow to answer them. (Luke 18:7 NCV)

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Disclaimer:  I know that “Think Pink” is the motto for breast cancer awareness.  This article has nothing to do with that.  I wholeheartedly support breast cancer awareness and I “Think Pink” where that is concerned.  My mother was a victim of breast cancer, therefore I support 110% anything that can be done to prevent it.


A lot has been said of late about the church being to feminine.  I don’t agree with this take on The Church.  At least not in our church or the churches I am associated with.  There is a lot of surveys floating around of “why men don’t go to church”, etc.  However, on this score, I am thankful for the body of Christ that I am a part of.  The men in our congregations are completely sold out to God, by far the majority.  The ministry that I see on a consistent basis are true MEN of God.  Not a feminine one in the group. 🙂  I am thankful for that.

I do, however, see this trend happening more and more concerning marriage.  I’ve heard it said to husbands, “You have to learn to think pink”.  Huh?  Is that even possible for a man to do?  “You need to get in touch with your more feminine side”.  Huh, again?  Please don’t get me wrong…I want my husband to be sensitive to my needs but I want him to do it like a man, not like I would.  I see this same thing in raising children.  The mother doesn’t want to leave the kids with daddy to long because he lets them get dirty and smear peanut butter and jelly on their face. 🙂  I am a firm believer in the fact that kids need both parents influence.  It is good for the kids to hang out with dad every once in awhile.  My children tell me stories of how when I was gone to a ladies conference or some other trip and Nathan (dad) was left in charge.  It is quite funny to me.  Here is one incident…when he would fix their oatmeal in the mornings before school, they said he let them put as much sugar and butter in there as they wanted.  I can just imagine the oatmeal floating in a yellow “lake” of butter. 🙂   You know what?  It didn’t kill them and now they have those funny memories.  There are things they could get by with Dad that I would NEVER have allowed. 🙂

I am simply saying…in the kind of world we live in, we are being bombarded on every hand to become something we are not intended to be by God’s design.  Personally, I like men to be men and women to be women.  What in the world is wrong with a woman being feminine?  Ruffles, lace, sweet smelling perfume…?  A little pampering never hurt anyone. And, what in the world is wrong with a man being masculine?  I’m afraid sometimes that America has “suited” up the ladies and put “ruffles” on the men.  Let us be what we are intended to be!  Please don’t start trying to make me think “blue”.  I don’t think I could possibly pull that one off.  As much as I like to relate to my husband and son, I like to do it in my feminine way.  And, as much as I like for them to relate to me, I know that no matter how hard they try,  they will never be able to think “pink”, totally and completely.  It is just not in our make-up to do so.

Men, be the man God intended for you to be and love your wife, your daughters and your sons like a man should.  And ladies, be proud.  Hold your head up high. Keep that feminine mystique about you.  God made us all like He intended.  He did not make a mistake when he made you what you are.  Don’t allow the world around you to squelch it. 🙂

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New Post?

Nathaniel called me a couple of days ago and said that he is disowning me as a fellow blogger if I didn’t post something new. 🙂  So here is my new post so that I am not disowned…

I’m sick of politics.  I will be glad when it’s all over.

Other than that… God is great!  Life is good and busy!  Jesus is Coming soon and I just can’t wait!  Looking forward to seeing you in the clouds of glory!

Does that qualify as a new post ‘Than?  🙂

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I have been thinking lately about my reward in Heaven.  Matthew 5: 11-12 says:

11 Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.

12 Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.

I think that just getting to heaven is reward enough and to hear Jesus say, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.  Enter into the joys of the Lord forever”  is reward enough.  However,  the Bible says that “great is your reward in heaven”, and so I have just tried to figure out what it could possibly be.  Is it jewels in my crown?  Crown?  That would be another reward worth receiving, and then to add jewels to it is an incredible thought.  I have never had any kind of crown put on my head.  I cannot imagine what that will feel like.  Will the reward be the streets of transparent gold, the walls of jasper, the gates of pearl?  The Heavenly Jerusalem is going to be a spectacular place to see.  Will my reward be: seeing all my loved ones who have gone on before me and being able to rejoice around the throne together with them?  Oh! That would be reward enough.  I really don’t know what our reward will be.  We see through a glass darkly right now, but I can tell you for a fact that I am looking forward to the day I hear the trumpet sound.  Can it be that far off?  Can the Lord wait much longer to turn to Gabriel and say, “Sound that trumpet! I’m going to get my bride”.  Oh! I can hardly wait for that day! Yes. I think that going to heaven where I will see Jesus face to face will be reward enough.  However, I can’t help but think that God in all His Glory and Majesty has things planned for us that we cannot comprehend.  I think he is really going to “blow our minds” with what He has prepared for us.  Let’s stay faithful in hard and trying times, in good and fruitful times and just in everyday life, for Great is our Reward In Heaven if we stay faithful.

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I received this from a friend today and thought it worth sharing with you.

The picture was taken in 1918. It is thousands of men preparing for war in a training camp at Camp Dodge in Iowa. A gift from our grandfathers …

Imagine how long these men had to stand in that one spot to set it up correctly. I just love the detail of the change of hats to no hats, some with heads bent down, some with faces shining, and slightly different colors of uniforms etc.  This took an enormous amount of planning, patience, and positioning and a determination to send their message to us—-yes, even to the world.  It speaks loud and clear.  Thank you.


Copy of image001



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