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This week we have been in Bakersfield for Western District Board Meetings.  Nathan is the Multicultural Ministries Director and works closely with the Home Missions Board under the leadership of Bro. Tim Flowers and Bro. Gordon Richardson.  It is long and tiring work but it has to be done. The fellowship that goes along with it makes it enjoyable.  I love being with the people of God in any setting, even board meetings. 🙂

I enjoyed dinners, lunches and late night crazy fun with some of my friends.  I laughed so hard with Amber Gilliam, Darla Young and Susan Hill until my sides ached.  I’m ready for another late night Wal-Mart run, girls. 🙂  I enjoyed dinner with Sis. O’Keefe, Sis. Abbey, Sis. Pat Keyes and Aunt Joyce (Sis. Baglin).  I don’t get to spend a lot of time with Aunt Joyce and I really enjoyed my time with her.  Someone asked me how we are related and I had to tell them that we are not blood kin.  However, before my Dad or Uncle Bill (Barnes) was ever married, they evangelized together.  When they got married…Murray to Lila (Daddy and Mother) and Bill to Joyce, Mother and Aunt Joyce became best of friends also.  So when we were all growing up we just started calling them Uncle Bill and Aunt Joyce and it has been that way ever since. Uncle Bill has since gone on to his reward and Aunt Joyce married a wonderful man, Bro. Bob Baglin.  Sometimes it’s kind of funny sounding when I say, “Hello, Bro. Baglin and Aunt Joyce.”  But now you will know why that is the case. 🙂  LIfe is good and I love them both.

I also enjoyed a little bit of fellowship with Sis. Mullings, Anita Harding, Gayla Baughmen (sorry, didn’t get a pic)  and Deana Krantz.  Love you all and I am already looking forward to Ladies Conference in March.  I know we will have a great time!  🙂

There was actually gasoline for under $3.00 in Bakersfield so I had to take a couple of pics.  The Chevron caught our attention, so I took the picture, and then on the way home it got better when I saw the 76.  Gas is still over $3.00 here in Hollister so that was awesome to me. 🙂  I did find gas today in Morgan Hill for $2.99. Yeah!  LOL I know it’s crazy of me to be excited about gasoline prices going down but I am.  Oh well, Thank God for small blessings! 🙂

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