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Today in our church service we had just finished singing the song, “How Great Is Our God”, and as we worshipped, the presence of the Lord came into the sanctuary so beautifully.  It was as if a strong but gentle breeze came across me.  Just about that time one of the praise team members (Cassandra) turned around to me with awe on her face and tears in her eyes and said, “did you feel that”.  Oh yes! I felt it! “How Great Is Our God”.  Just about that time I happened to see one of our new lady’s (that we baptized during SWBC downtown) and she had both hands raised in worship and was speaking in a beautiful language as the Spirit gave the utterance, giving praise to God.  It was just one of those very special times of worship.  My husband preached an incredible message about grace and I watched as so many received blessings.  Watching the new babes in Christ learning how to receive from God again is so wonderful.  God continues to pour out His spirit on us and I am so thankful.  It won’t be long before we hear the trump of God sound and we will be forever in His presence.  Our work and toil on this earth will be finished.  I look forward to that day.  Services like today make me want to be in that atmosphere for eternity.  I love feeling that “strong yet gentle” breeze of the Holy Ghost.  God Bless!

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