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Sent to me by Tim Williams.  🙂  Gotta love it!

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Whew!  What a week!  We flew out last Monday to attend “Because of the Times” conference in Alexandria, Louisiana.  There are so many blessings associated with this trip I’m not quite sure I can put into words how grateful I am.  We were going to drive to “Because of the Times” but Nathan received a phone call on the Thursday before we were going to leave on Sunday and the conversation went something like this…”Nathan, I heard that you and Ronda are driving back here to BOTT?…Well, I won’t have that.  You would be exhausted by the time you got here and if the Lord wanted to speak to you (and He will), you would be too tired to receive it.  You get online and get a ticket and fly back here and let me know how much when you get here….”  WOW! Can you say BLESSING!  Of course there is more to that conversation but I don’t have time nor space to put it all here. 🙂  I got the best tickets I could possibly find and we flew.  Thank You! Thank You! Thank You to Bro. Anthony and Bro. Jim for blessing us this way.  Thank you just doesn’t seem quite enough for that kind of blessing, however it comes from deep within my heart.  We flew into Dallas, Texas and rented a car to drive the rest of the way to Alexandria.  It is about 5 hours and since we got in late and our luggage was not on our flight and we had to wait another 2 hours for it to come in, we decided to get a room in Marshall, Texas. My husband asked the desk clerk for a downstairs room so we would not have to take all of our luggage into the elevator and up to an upper level room.  He said, “Sure”.  Then he said, “I don’t have any king size beds downstairs”.  Nathan said, “That’s fine. Two doubles for tonight will do”.  When the clerk handed him the receipt to sign, the balance was 0.00.   Nathan asked, “how much is the room?”  The clerk replied, “I’m giving it to you tonight since I don’t have a king size bed downstairs.”  Nathan said, “You don’t have to do that”.  He said, “I want to. Manager’s privilege.”  So, what was going to cost us $115.00 ended up being free.  WOW!  Can you say BLESSING!  We got to Alexandria Tuesday Afternoon and began to prepare for BOTT. Tuesday Night service was tremendous and I knew we had made the right decision to attend BOTT 2009.  The theme this year was II Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.  All I can say is, buy the cd or DVD set and be blessed. One of the messages this week I felt as if the preacher was standing right in front of Nathan and I and preaching solely to us.  I know a lot of people felt that way but that is the wonder of anointed preaching.  It ministers to different people all in one setting. WOW! Can you say BLESSING!  On Wednesday afternoon a minister walked up to my husband and handed him something and said, “You and Ronda go have lunch.”  When we got outside and looked, it was 2 one hundred dollar bills. Wow! Can you say BLESSING! We had a good lunch. 🙂  And then, Nathan turned around and blessed someone else with one of the hundred dollar bills.  That’s how it works isn’t it?  You give and give and then God pours you out a blessing you can’t quite contain.  You then turn around and give some more and then, God just does it all over again.  You cannot out give God! 

By Thursday Night you are very tired at BOTT but you don’t want to miss anything so you still get there early and anticipate what the Lord might do next.  Well…Royce Wilson preached an incredible message.  Just buy the DVD.  I can’t begin to describe it and what I felt.  At the end of the message Nathan and I walked to the front to pray.  Sis. Vesta Layne Mangun got a hold of me.  When she gets a hold of you, you will probably be there awhile. 🙂  We had the best time in the Holy Ghost.  She prayed, spoke in tongues, prophesied and we even danced a little.  This was another blessing too precious to really put in words. Wow!  Can you say BLESSING! 

We left BOTT refreshed, renewed, lifted up and challenged.


Friday Evening we met Greg, Monya, Macy and Melody Henry in Dallas at Pappadeaux for dinner.  We had a great time with them.  Macy and Melody are growing up so fast.  They both made the honor roll in school and we are so proud of them. 

After dinner we drove on up to Wichita Falls to be with Gene and Karla for the week-end.  Saturday we relaxed and just enjoyed being with them and Cameron and Chad.  Sunday was an incredible day of worship and the word. The power of God was so strong in both services.  It was incredible.  

We got home last night and I am so thankful to be here.  We got out of Wichita Falls just in time.  I heard that they are iced in today. 😦 

God is good to His people!  I pray you all have a BLESSED week.  He has done marvelous things! 

Wow!  Can you say BLESSING!

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I am in Alexandria, Louisiana for a few days at  Because of the Times.  We are having a great time worshipping and fellowshipping with our friends and fellow ministers.  I will write more about it later, but just let me say that so far it has been great.  The preaching has been above and beyond.  The church is alive and well!

Talk to you in a few days.  Blessings!

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Happy Birthday to my dear husband, Nathan Joseph Hurst!  You are an incredible man.  This weekend has been filled with fun, friends, family, joy and happiness.  It is amazing the turns life can take.  When we looked back the other day and talked about how different we are at 50 then when we first married and even before, it was quite a change. 🙂  However, one thing has always been a constant in your life and that is, God has always been number one with you.  I have always felt secure and confident that you were following the mind of Christ, therefore it has been easy for me to follow you.  I can’t say I have always been “thrilled” about some of the choices but I always knew (and still do know) that you gave every decision much thought and prayer before you made it. That means the world to me.

As I was going through our many bins of pictures and memories so we could put something together for your 50th Celebration, I was once again made to realize what a blessed woman I am to have you as my partner.  You have been an incredible husband, father, pastor, friend and confidante.  I listened to Nathaniel and Danelle tonight reminisce about some of their memories while growing up in our household and they were precious to me. They have always felt that same confidence that I have.

We are privileged to have your folks, one brother and one sister in our church here in Hollister and listening to them tell the stories of your growing up years is quite hilarious. However, that same theme carries on even with them…how once you gave you life completely to God at the age of 15, you have never looked back.  God has been number one!

I know that you are not just looking back.  In fact I could tell that you are glad the looking back part is over and you are looking to the future of what God is going to do with your life and ministry.  You are in the prime of life and it is amazing to see how things are unfolding for you now. I pray that you are blessed with God’s best in the coming year.  That He holds nothing back from you, in anointing, love and wisdom!  I love you. BUNCHES!!!


Friday Night I totally surprised Nathan by having some of his friends come to Hollister for a party.  The look on his face was priceless when he walked in the house and saw them all here and screaming “SURPRISE”, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”! We had such a great time talking and laughing and eating.  Thanks again to you all for coming and making Nathan’s 50th so special.


DSC_0637 DSC_0638

DSC_0639 DSC_0640

DSC_0641 DSC_0644


Stephen Hill, Todd Johnson, Paul Carasco, John Nelson, Rick Keyes, Matt Silveira, Nathan Hurst, B.J. Hurst, Tim Flowers, Nathaniel Hurst


Saprina Flowers, Pricilla Carasco, Sharon Nelson, Dorothy Hurst, Danelle Silveira, Sharon Keyes, Susan Hill, Cherish Hill, Pat Keyes, Kim Johnson, Nathan and Ronda Hurst.


Saturday Night we celebrated with our church family and we celebrated as only The Pentecostal Church can do it.  🙂  They are awesome and wide open.  Since my husband was a teenager during the 70’s they threw him a 70’s theme party. My! My! My!  Did they ever “put on the dog”.  When we got to the fellowship hall there was a rainbow beaded door hanger.  Remember those?  We walked through and everyone was dressed in 70’s garb.  The wigs, the moo moo’s, the platform shoes, double knit and head scarves all came out tonight.  You will see by the photos that they really had it all together.  Kyle, Matt, Sabrina, Jason, Todd and Marcus really did a bang up job in portraying their pastor.  Bro. Kirk, Bro. Rodney, Bro. Gary, Bishop Hurst, Nathaniel and Danelle did a bang up job talking about their pastor, brother, son and dad.  It was great.  From the decorations and food to the warmth and friendship with our church family, it was par excellence.


DSC_0678 DSC_0679

DSC_0670 DSC_0681

DSC_0682 DSC_0685

DSC_0690 DSC_0696 DSC_0697

DSC_0673 DSC_0692

DSC_0701 DSC_0710



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Just Wondering?

Don’t think me not spiritual…but I am just wondering why all the generations are listed in the Bible.  I can’t pronounce half the names.  Also, when did names begin to change from Bible times?  I mean, names  like Aholibamah.  And that is a girls name.  Yes, she was the daughter of Anah who was the daughter of Zibeon the Hivite.  Bashemath, Ishmael’s daughter, sister of Nebajoth. ???  Anyway, I guess as you can tell this was part of my reading through the Bible passages today and it just really caught my attention for some reason.  I’m glad my sisters names are Linda and Karla.  I just know I would have tripped all over my tongue if I would have had to yell at them Aholibamah or Nebajoth when I was mad and/or happy about something. 🙂

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Saturday I was privileged to speak in Arroyo Grande at the Section 2 Ladies Tea.  Cindy Berrier is the ladies leader for that section and did a superb job in putting the Tea all together.  The Gospel Lighthouse of Arroyo Grande did a great job in hosting this event.  The sandwiches, soups and desserts was all so good.  I still want recipes ladies. 🙂  And yes,  all the different flavors of tea.  I think my favorite was the Orange Spice.

I so enjoyed visiting with Sis. Dominguez (pastor’s wife in Arroyo Grande) and Sis. Pat Keyes (pastor’s wife in Santa Maria).  I have always admired the Dominguez family.  They are simply great people.  The more I get to know Pat Keyes the more I like her.  What a fun and sincere person!  We had a great time.

DSC_0632 Sis. Keyes, Me, Sis. Dominguez

DSC_0633 Cindy Berrier, Dixie Mohler, Inda Dworaczyk (These ladies sat at our table too)  Fun Times.


Sunday:  WOW!  The service was power packed from the beginning.  Bro. Ronnie Mullings preached a fabulous message on, “It’s Time To Take An Offering”.  This was our commitment service for 2009 and we had such a great time.  God honors those who are cheerful givers.

We enjoyed sweet fellowship with the Mullings after service.  I think the Cedar House was wondering if we was going to go ahead and spend the night.  Time flies when you are having fun with friends. 🙂

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I believe that the beginning of the New Year would be a great time to begin the healing process.  Forgiveness is the first step.  It is not easy but it is so worth the effort.  If you are struggling with unforgiveness, maybe this little article will help get you on the right track.  Please don’t live this year in the Prison of Unforgiveness.  Break free from the bonds and soar like an eagle. 


What’s standing between you and forgiveness? Recent scholarly research confirms what many already know—that forgiving others is a valuable gift for ourselves. Research shows that when we forgive, we have less stress, anger, and other psychosomatic symptoms like headaches, upset stomachs, and so on.I know many of us carry very deep wounds from the past, and can barely imagine forgiving those who have wronged us. It may take time, but I challenge you to commit yourself to forgiving them.

Maybe there’s a strained relationship with a child, a parent, a sibling or “friend”.  Do you own some of the blame for the way things are? Maybe it’s time to ask for some forgiveness. Imagine how powerful an exchange like that would be!

Here are some steps to forgiveness from the researchers:

First, we need to change our expectations of others. Instead of having “rules” for how they behave, we should have “preferences.” After all, we can’t control how others act. Maybe you’ll never have a perfect relationship with your dad—or your teenager–or your sibling. But you can probably accept them a little more for who they are and—from there—build a good relationship.

Second, we need to try to see the other person’s perspective. Maybe your dad never got what he needed from his father. His wound may have made him incapable of providing what you needed. Maybe your daughter is under a lot of stress with all she’s dealing with at school. Considering the other person’s perspective can make a big difference.

The third step is to move from blaming to acceptance, and then move on. Moving on may mean building a new, better relationship. Often, that’s what forgiveness brings. But also realize that your forgiveness doesn’t depend on them. If they don’t respond or even if they reject you, you have still forgiven, released the hurt feelings, and committed to go on with life in a positive way. What a burden that can lift!


Also,  to my friends that have somehow gotten away from the Lord…You have been on my mind the past couple of days.  God and the church are waiting with open arms for you to come back.  We miss you.  We love you.  I think that the song I co-wrote with my brother, Keith, sums it up quite well:

Come On Home

Verse 1

I saw that look in your eye, that far away dream, of days gone by you were so happy and free.  And I knew you remembered the good times we had, serving Jesus every day through good and the bad…


And nothing’s changed as far as we’re concerned.  We love you now just like we did back then.  So, Come on Home where you belong.  You’ve been away for much to long.  And Jesus wants to take you back again.

Verse 2

You see, I know how you feel, ’cause I’ve walked that road so far from home, afraid and alone.  Oh, but I see the Father, with His arms open wide, longing just to hold you again by His side…


music and lyrics by: Ronda Hurst and Keith Layne

© Nelon Music Group

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Happy New Year


I pray that 2009 is the best year you’ve ever had!

May God’s richest blessings come your way.

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