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“Old” Friends

I guess the Lord thought I needed to see some “old” friends the last couple of weeks. 🙂

Last week, Bobbie (Shoemake) called me and said, “Ronda, I have told some people about the Hollister church and they want to visit.  What time do you have service?”   I told her and she said that’s what she thought but wanted to make sure. 🙂  So, last Sunday Morning she called again to get directions.  Now, remember during these conversations I never asked her the people’s name or anything.  I know, brain freeze.  I just told her to tell them to be sure and introduce themselves and let us know that they were the ones sent by her. 🙂  Well, after Sunday School as I was walking out of the sancuary and into the foyer I saw a man talking to someone and I thought, “he looks so familiar”.  Then it dawned on me, MY LORD, THAT is DALE HOPPER!  Hahahaha!  I ran and gave him a hug and then around the corner her comes his wife Carolyn.  The connection here goes waaayyy back.  I grew up with their kids, Cindy and Kevin.  Bro. and Sis. Dale Hopper were youth leaders in my Dad’s church in Fresno, California when Keith and Linda (my brother and sister) was in the youth group.  When I got old enough to be in the youth group,  Bro. Dale Hopper “retired” and his brother and wife,  Bro. Gene and Sis. Karen Hopper took over.  Whew!  I hope all of that made sense. 🙂  Anyway,  it was such a pleasant surprise to have them with us in service.  The only thing that could have made it better is if Cindy and Kevin had walked in with them.

Yes, I called Bobbie right away and said,  ” You are really sneaky.  I owe you one”.  LOL

Okay!  Fast forward to today.  After choir practice I am standing in the foyer of our church and looked out the window and walking up the steps is Danny and Renee Valentine.  Oh my word!  I could not believe it!  What in the world are ya’ll doing here?  Ha!  They told me that they are on a little vacation and had been in Monterey for a few days.  The story about the Valentine’s is:  They were in our church in Texarkana for the whole 20 1/2 years we was there.  Their two girls, Bridget and Tiffany are the same age as our two “kids”.  We helped each other raise our kids.  Been through many happy times and sad and rough times together.  Many more happy than the others. 🙂  It was so good to see them for a little while today.

I thank God for friends that last a lifetime!  I’m thankful that the Lord allowed these two couples who mean so much to me to have stopped by in these two weekends.  Hmmmm…I kind of wonder who might show up next week? 🙂

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