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Today I found myself at the piano, singing a song by the title, “Jesus is Still the Answer”.   After having just turned off the news, this was the first thing that came to my mind.  “JESUS IS STILL THE ANSWER”.  It rang in my ears when I heard the news of the couple who left their baby in the car for 14 hours and the baby died.  It rang in my ears when I heard the news about yet another person killed because of someone driving under the influence of alcohol.  It rang in my ears when I heard the news of  another war and the newscaster said, “We are hoping for peace”.  “JESUS IS STILL THE ANSWER”.   The lyrics in verse two is what really caught my attention…”Some men pretend that things of this world has brought them peace of mind, but with the dawn of each new day, new thrills they try to find.  Not until they meet the prince of peace will they ever hope to find relief.  Jesus is still the answer for a world that’s seeking for peace”   Oh!  What would the world be like if everyone knew Him?

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