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I feel especially honored that Shirley Buxton at WriteNow and Karen Hopper at A Jewel Divinely Rare awarded me as a Kreativ Blogger.

I, like Shirley, could not stop at just 7 things I love.  I could probably have written more but I didn’t want to bore you to death.  So, have fun reading a little about some of the things I love.

1.  My family.  Husband, children, parents, brother, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, in-laws.  YES, all of them. 🙂

2.  The sound of 1,000 to 10,000 or more people clapping and praising God, like at a General Conference or Camp Meeting.  It sounds like a mighty rushing river.  Sometimes I just stop and listen.  It is AWESOME!

3.  Music. Just about any kind of music. I don’t particularly care for Bluegrass though.

4.  Pentecostal Preaching.  I have been blessed to hear some powerful messages in my 51 years.

5.  Fellowship. I guess I am somewhat of a “party animal”.  I love to be around old friends and I love to make new friends.  I could sit up all night with friends and/or family,  just talking and having fun.  Well, come to think of it,  I have done this on numerous occasions.

6.  Traveling in a Motor Coach.  One of these days we will own one again.

7.  A clean house.  Does this make me weird? Oh well, I don’t like clutter or dust. 😦

8.  The Mountains. Sierras or Rockies. They are both magnificent! The ocean/beaches of California.  All the way from San Diego to Crescent City.  Yes I’ve been all the way and it is all gorgeous!

9.  The scent of cedar and pine in the mountains, and the scent of ocean air over on the coast.

10. My Pentecostal Heritage.  I love it!  I am thankful and humbled that God allowed me to be raised in a Pentecostal Preachers home and that both paternal and maternal grandparents were Apostolic in doctrine and lifestyle.

It goes without saying that first and foremost, I LOVE GOD!  I love His word.  I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Chirstmas Award

Jewel at Down In My Little Valley blessed me with the Christmas Spirit Award. We’ve just gotten to know one another through our blogs and her faith has touched me over the time that I have read her blog. Thank you Jewel. Another reason why I love Jewel is because she has my grandmother’s middle name. 🙂

The rules are to tag someone with this award that I know loves Christmas, and has Christmas spirit. They must link back to my blog to indicate where they were tagged, and they need to add 1 to 45 reasons why they love Christmas. So here goes!

Why I love Christmas:

1.  It is the one time of year that most everyone seems to be focused on Jesus.  Even though they may not know Him in all of His power and only think of him as a babe, I enjoy having them at least think about Him.

2.  It is the only time of year that secular radio allow songs with the words Jesus, Holy, Heavenly, etc. to be played on their stations. It’s a pleasure to listen to the radio during Christmas.  No, I never get tired of Christmas music.  I love it. 🙂

3.  I enjoy buying gifts for others.  It is fun keeping secrets and watching their eyes light up when they open their gifts.

4.  I love the houses all decorated with lights, reindeer, Santas, manger scenes, big lighted presents and Christmas trees.

5.  I love the smell of all the baking and cooking.  And yes, I love the food.  What other time do you make Snowball Cookies, Fudge and Martha Washington’s?

6.  I love going to church during the Christmas Season.  There is just something a little extra special during this time of the year.

7.  I LOVE the colors of Christmas.  Red and Green all over my house and nobody thinks it’s weird. Oh, and there are splashes of gaudy gold too. 🙂


Now I take great pleasure in tagging some of my friends: Tena, Mindy, Tina, Noel, Cassandra, Faith, Danelle, Susan and Becky.

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