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I think that this makes it all worth it.  Delilah gave this to my husband after the “Back to School Bash” and “Kids Crusade”.  Too precious for words.


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Saturday at 11:00 am.  they began to gather at the neighborhood park.  We never really know how many will show up, but we were once again surprised as between 350-400 people gathered.  The men and ladies of The Pentecostal Church were busy at work getting folks registered, grilling hot dogs, attending the jump house and handing out tickets for the drawings and backpacks to be given away.  Everything was free!  The food, the cold cokes and water, the chips,  the games and all the prizes.  Our guests were treated like royalty!  After a time of fun and games, Bro. Josh Combs from Maryland gathered everyone in and began to have more fun with telling the Gospel Message.  I could see the children began to be touched by the Spirit of God.  I looked around and not only the children but some of the parents were being touched as well.  When Josh asked everyone to pray there was a sweet presence of the Lord that came into the park.  One lady I prayed with was so moved that she was little frightened.  I watched her as tears began to form and she put her hands down quickly.  I asked, “Are you okay”?  She looked at me and said,  “I just feel like crying.  Why”?  I explained to her that it was the sweet presence of God she was feeling and that it was okay.  She began to pray again and this time wept openly before the Lord.  She did not receive the Holy Ghost but she will be taught a Bible Study.  I know she will come to know the Lord.  She will never forget what she felt.  Another lady that brought her family to the park told one of the ladies in our church, this story….”Two years ago when you all had the Back to School Bash, my children didn’t get a backpack.  I told you about it and you took my name and address down.  I didn’t really think anything about it, but then you showed up one day that next week with backpacks for all my kids, filled with school supplies”.  Then she said with tears, “I will never forget your act of kindness”.  One of her boys received the Holy Ghost and 4 of the 15 that was baptized was from her family.  You never know what a small act of kindness will produce.  By the end of the day at our Back To School Bash, 5 were filled with the Holy Ghost and 15 baptized in the precious name of Jesus.


Sunday, 2:00 PM  began our Kids Crusade!  From the moment the first praise went up to Heaven you could feel the excitement in the air.  The presence of the Lord was so strong in the Praise and Worship part of the service.  EVERYONE became kids today.  The Kids Praise sang and everyone was involved in,  “I’m Gonna Sing, sing, sing.  I’m gonna shout, shout, shout.  I’m gonna sing.  I’m gonna shout and praise the Lord.  When those gates swing open wide, I’m gonna sit down by His side.  I’m gonna sing.  I’m gonna shout and praise the Lord.  I’m gonna snap…I’m gonna clap…jump, bump…..zoom around the room…”.  You get my drift?  Ha!  It was great but it took a lot of energy.  Then they sang, “You are the one that I worship…”  and “Jesus! Everything I need is in that Name”.  How precious to see and hear these children sing praises to God.  Then Bro. Josh Combs again got us all going with songs like, “Jesus, You are my Super Hero”.  Great stuff.  Once again he told the gospel story in kids terms and did a superb job.  When he asked for us to come pray, the altars filled with children, hungry for God.  Even teenagers and adults were touched and reaching out to God for help.  To end all the festivities of the week-end there was a candy rain, with PLENTY of candy showering down to the kids. We had a great Kids Week-End.  Children are precious in the sight of God and I want to always remember that!

The Pentecostal Church put it on top shelf this week-end.  Or as they say now-a-days…”IT WAS OFF THE CHAIN”!

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Go here to see how: GOD BLEW OUR MINDS

After you get to “God Blew Our Minds” post, you will need to scroll all the way down the page to categories.  Then select church and find the post God Blew Our Minds!  It’s worth it.

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Thank you to all who prayed for this endeavor.  It was a smashing success.  Over 500 people showed up.  3 young people were baptized and several Bible Studies promised. Many said they are coming to visit our church. Next year we will have to have a many more back packs, etc.  By the time the day was over the outreach team had on record 474 names.  INCREDIBLE.  God is so good.  The field is white unto harvest…..and we are ready to gather it in.  God bless you all and have a great Sunday. 

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This coming Saturday, August 18, our church is throwing a HUGE back to school bash at one of the parks here in Hollister.  They will be giving away 200 back packs filled with school supplies. They will also be giving away an ipod, a nintendo and I don’t know what all else.  There will be free food and drinks and also a big bounce house for the little kids.  There will be some great Jesus youth music, (rap, etc.) .  I’m telling you all of this so when you read this you can whisper a prayer for our people as they take Jesus to these kids.  Pray that they will not only be excited about all the stuff but that they will be touched by the love these people have for them.  I believe good things are in store.  Would you believe with me and Pray for the youth of Hollister and the surrounding areas. Thank you. I know you will.

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