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There are really no words in the English language to describe the Western District UPCI Ladies Conference of 2009.  We had record attendance and record Spirit.  As we entered into the first service, you could already feel the excitement. 

I was asked a few months back to be the Praise and Worship Leader for the conference.  I accepted and knew it would be a big task.  However, with much prayer and practice my team of musicians and singers graced the platform.  When we began to sing our first song, “Glorify His Name”,  I knew all the practices and prayers were going to pay off. 🙂  “Enter His Gates with Thanksgiving.  Enter His courts with praise.  This is the day He has given.  Come on and bless His Name.  From the platform to the door.  From the ceiling all the way down to the floor.  Come on Judah, sing Hallelujah.  Let everything with breath shout to the Lord”.  And from there we sang and worshipped our way into the presence of God.  Then we got to Friday Night and experienced “FREEDOM”  in the Holy Ghost.  WOW!

Debbie Saiz and Donna Linville were extra anointed it seemed.  God just has a way of ministering to so many different needs in one setting.  I am always in awe of how He works. 

I want to give a huge thank you to Laquita Mulling’s and all the ladies team for your incredible work for this conference.  You guys are phenomenal.  It is because of your hard work and working together like you do that we had such a great conference.  I love you all and am looking forward to working with you. 

Major kudos are going out to my praise team today,

Singers: Amanda Silveira, Cassandra Silveira, Teresa Sarria, Tena Valenti, Patricia Hurst, Mindy Ybarra. 

Musicians:  Luis Lenzi (keys), Nathaniel Hurst (drums), Todd Valenti (bass), Kyle Valenti (electric guitar), Omar Iboa (acoustic guitar). 

Thank you all so much for being faithful to extra practices and for your attitude of praise and worship to the King of kings as you played and sang for the conference. You guys are the BEST.  All your praying and fasting paid off.  I love you all.

Last, but definitely NOT Least:  Danelle Layne Silveira.  I really don’t know how to say thank you.  You was my right arm at this ladies conference.  The anointing that you sang with was unbelievable.  I was blessed to have you by my side at this conference.  I  am proud that you are my daughter.  I thank God that you serve Him with your whole heart, mind and strength.   I love you!

ladies conf 2009 Leading in Worship

Ladies Conf 2009 23 Whew!

ladies conf 2009 3 “FREEDOM”

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We are home from Western District Ladies Conference.  What a time!  What a time!  What a time!  I will be posting more about it later.  Just wanted to say howdy and hope everything is going well in your world today.  Blessings!

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Whew!  What a week!  We flew out last Monday to attend “Because of the Times” conference in Alexandria, Louisiana.  There are so many blessings associated with this trip I’m not quite sure I can put into words how grateful I am.  We were going to drive to “Because of the Times” but Nathan received a phone call on the Thursday before we were going to leave on Sunday and the conversation went something like this…”Nathan, I heard that you and Ronda are driving back here to BOTT?…Well, I won’t have that.  You would be exhausted by the time you got here and if the Lord wanted to speak to you (and He will), you would be too tired to receive it.  You get online and get a ticket and fly back here and let me know how much when you get here….”  WOW! Can you say BLESSING!  Of course there is more to that conversation but I don’t have time nor space to put it all here. 🙂  I got the best tickets I could possibly find and we flew.  Thank You! Thank You! Thank You to Bro. Anthony and Bro. Jim for blessing us this way.  Thank you just doesn’t seem quite enough for that kind of blessing, however it comes from deep within my heart.  We flew into Dallas, Texas and rented a car to drive the rest of the way to Alexandria.  It is about 5 hours and since we got in late and our luggage was not on our flight and we had to wait another 2 hours for it to come in, we decided to get a room in Marshall, Texas. My husband asked the desk clerk for a downstairs room so we would not have to take all of our luggage into the elevator and up to an upper level room.  He said, “Sure”.  Then he said, “I don’t have any king size beds downstairs”.  Nathan said, “That’s fine. Two doubles for tonight will do”.  When the clerk handed him the receipt to sign, the balance was 0.00.   Nathan asked, “how much is the room?”  The clerk replied, “I’m giving it to you tonight since I don’t have a king size bed downstairs.”  Nathan said, “You don’t have to do that”.  He said, “I want to. Manager’s privilege.”  So, what was going to cost us $115.00 ended up being free.  WOW!  Can you say BLESSING!  We got to Alexandria Tuesday Afternoon and began to prepare for BOTT. Tuesday Night service was tremendous and I knew we had made the right decision to attend BOTT 2009.  The theme this year was II Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.  All I can say is, buy the cd or DVD set and be blessed. One of the messages this week I felt as if the preacher was standing right in front of Nathan and I and preaching solely to us.  I know a lot of people felt that way but that is the wonder of anointed preaching.  It ministers to different people all in one setting. WOW! Can you say BLESSING!  On Wednesday afternoon a minister walked up to my husband and handed him something and said, “You and Ronda go have lunch.”  When we got outside and looked, it was 2 one hundred dollar bills. Wow! Can you say BLESSING! We had a good lunch. 🙂  And then, Nathan turned around and blessed someone else with one of the hundred dollar bills.  That’s how it works isn’t it?  You give and give and then God pours you out a blessing you can’t quite contain.  You then turn around and give some more and then, God just does it all over again.  You cannot out give God! 

By Thursday Night you are very tired at BOTT but you don’t want to miss anything so you still get there early and anticipate what the Lord might do next.  Well…Royce Wilson preached an incredible message.  Just buy the DVD.  I can’t begin to describe it and what I felt.  At the end of the message Nathan and I walked to the front to pray.  Sis. Vesta Layne Mangun got a hold of me.  When she gets a hold of you, you will probably be there awhile. 🙂  We had the best time in the Holy Ghost.  She prayed, spoke in tongues, prophesied and we even danced a little.  This was another blessing too precious to really put in words. Wow!  Can you say BLESSING! 

We left BOTT refreshed, renewed, lifted up and challenged.


Friday Evening we met Greg, Monya, Macy and Melody Henry in Dallas at Pappadeaux for dinner.  We had a great time with them.  Macy and Melody are growing up so fast.  They both made the honor roll in school and we are so proud of them. 

After dinner we drove on up to Wichita Falls to be with Gene and Karla for the week-end.  Saturday we relaxed and just enjoyed being with them and Cameron and Chad.  Sunday was an incredible day of worship and the word. The power of God was so strong in both services.  It was incredible.  

We got home last night and I am so thankful to be here.  We got out of Wichita Falls just in time.  I heard that they are iced in today. 😦 

God is good to His people!  I pray you all have a BLESSED week.  He has done marvelous things! 

Wow!  Can you say BLESSING!

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I am in Alexandria, Louisiana for a few days at  Because of the Times.  We are having a great time worshipping and fellowshipping with our friends and fellow ministers.  I will write more about it later, but just let me say that so far it has been great.  The preaching has been above and beyond.  The church is alive and well!

Talk to you in a few days.  Blessings!

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The past couple of days we have been in Merced, California for our Western District Conference. My! What a Time! The Apostolic Tabernacle and Pastor and Sis. Sam Emory were the host for this conference and did a superb job. If you have never heard their choir sing you owe it to yourself to go and listen. WOW! They do know how to “get down”!

The conference itself was good too. Tuesday Night started off the conference with the Foreign Missions service. Bro. Sones from the country Spain preached and blessed us all with his zeal and compassion for souls. God has blessed them mightily in Spain and we are rejoicing with them. Wednesday morning the ministry took care of business and the ladies had a time of fellowship and worship together. Sis. LaQuita Mullings (ladies president) did a great job in putting this day together. I was honored to speak to the ladies today. There is no place I’d rather be then with people of like precious faith. I love my sisters in the Lord and it was a privilege to be part of this service. Wednesday Night was the ordination service where men and women are ordained by the presbytery. It was another great time. Elder Paul Price, Elder Harvey Cantrell and Bro. Ron Mullings preached the ordination service and it was tremendous. These are all men that I highly esteem. Superintendent Allen Abbey gave the charge and then the presbytery laid hands on them and prayed for them. It was very special. I don’t think I have ever been in an ordination service that I was not touched. It is a very special time.

Among all of this was great fellowship with our friends and also making new friends. The Kingdom of God is full of GREAT people. Perfect? No! But good. We are all trying to do the right thing and make an impact in our world for God.

We will be headed toward home tomorrow to continue on the work God has called us to do. God bless and have a great day!

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We are at Landmark Global Impact 2008 in Stockton, California. The church here is absolutely beautiful. Bro. Wayne Huntley from Raleigh, North Carolina preached a great message tonight on “We Need Revival”. He preached about the difference between evangelism and revival. It was so good and so needed. If you want to listen to this sermon I’m sure you could order a copy (dvd or cd) from CLC. It would be worth your time and money. Also, it is always so good to come to a conference and fellowship with people of like precious faith. Seeing old friends and making new ones is always a pleasure. God bless all of you this day.

Another great sermon you will want to hear is “How to Build a Revival Church, preached by
Randy Keyes. This is so true! Please order this one from CLC too. You will be blessed.

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I have a few minutes before we get ready for tonight’s Home Mission Service so thought I would give a short update. Conference has been great. The services have been good and we are enjoying fellowship with friends and family that we haven’t seen in awhile. Thursday at ladies day was great. All the speakers did awesome. It was a time of refreshing. I was able to spend some time with a “girl” that was raised in our church in Texarkana, Terri Griffis. Sean and her (see pic),pastor a great church in Louisville, KY. Nathan and I went to eat with them and got all “caught up”. We had a great time. Thursday Night was another great service. Bro. Haney preached great. After church we were able to go eat and fellowship with good friends, Ken and Tessie Gurley. Yes, we laughed a whole lot. LOL. Last night’s Foreign Missions service was INCREDIBLE! You need to go watch it online. Everyone needs to hear Bro. Jerry Dean’s message. Wow! Today we spent some time with Jon and Brenda Elms (my nephew and his wife). We took them to Cheescake Factory and had an awesome time. They pastor in Beaumont, TX. So, here we are, already at Saturday Night. Looking forward to the Home Missions Service.

Here are a few pictures. I haven’t taken a whole lot but here’s some.

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August 10, 2007 we were at the Southeast Asian Conference in Stockton, California.  These people are precious!  We met so many new friends and enjoyed the worship with this fine conference.  Bro. Coolbaugh, missionary to Thailand brought the message for the evening and it was great.  Bro. Bunthean Nhothsiri interpreted the whole service and I was in awe.  Here’s a few pictures of the evening.  Enjoy.

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Last week Nathan was in board meetings with the Multi-Cultural director for the U.P.C.I., Rev. Don Hanscom and several other men who are part of this ministry. On Thursday Night we were privileged to be in service at the Filipino Conference. It was so precious to worship with these fine people. Bro. Jesse Fortaleza from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada preached a message on “They Did It Anyway” that I will never forget. Here are a few pics of the conference:

[rockyou 77310576]

filipino-conference-2007-001-large-web-view.jpg One of the special singing groups.

filipino-conference-2007-033-large-web-view.jpg Nathan praying for young man in wheel chair.

filipino-conference-2007-008-large-web-view.jpg Bro. Hanscom giving gift to Rev. and Mrs. Ben Patts

filipino-conference-2007-031-large-web-view.jpg Father praying for his children. (precious)

filipino-conference-2007-035-large-web-view.jpg Praise Team

filipino-conference-2007-043-large-web-view.jpg Sis. Hanscom with one of the pastor’s wives.

filipino-conference-2007-029-large-web-view.jpg Very talented worship band.

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