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I know my title sounds a little odd.  Let me explain.

When I was a little girl, growing up, Mother would load us up in the car every once in awhile and take us down to Bloomington (California) from Fresno to see Grandma and Grandpa Pound and all the uncles, aunts and cousins.  I loved to play around their house, in the yard and if we could get by with it in the sand pile and on the pipes of Grandpa’s business.  However, if we ever got caught (which we did often) we got in big trouble either from Grandpa or Uncle James, Uncle C.W.,  or one of the crew that worked for Grandpa.  Inevitably, one of us kids would get “hurt”.  You know, scrape a knee or get a small cut on a finger or arm.  That was one of the reasons Grandpa didn’t want us playing on or around his equipment.  We loved to climb on the big trucks, etc.  Back to my story….When one of us got hurt and we would run to the house, crying and asking for help, after Grandma saw that we wasn’t  hurt that bad she would always say, “Well, that wouldn’t hurt on my eyeball”.  She would always make us laugh and forget about our little scrape.

A few days ago, I spilled a cup of HOT coffee on my arm and my poor husband thought I had been shot or something really horrible had happened,  by the way I screamed and bounced around saying, “Oh! OW!  JEEEE—SUS!”  and on and on.  He tried to help me by saying, “Oh, I’m so sorry.  Run it under cold water, etc”.  Poor guy didn’t know what to do.  We both thought for sure it would blister and be red and burnt for days.  However, the next day, I looked at it and it looked just like a little scrape.  Nathan looked at it and tried to remain sympathetic but I could tell by the look on his face (he’s not good at hiding his feelings) that he couldn’t understand what all the screaming had been about the previous day. That’s when I just started laughing, almost uncontrollably, all the while trying to tell him what I was laughing at.  That look on his face took me back to much younger days, when I would see that same look on Grandma Pound’s face and she would say, “Well, that wouldn’t hurt on my eyeball”.  🙂

I know I could take this post and make something much more philosophical and maybe even spiritual (grow up already, in the Kingdom of God).  But, I just wanted to share a little Ruby Pound-ism with you and hopefully make you smile.  There was only one Ruby Pound and every once in awhile I feel her “spirit” get on me.  She was quite a character and I’m glad I had her as a grandmother.  She made me laugh more times than I could ever count.

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Yesterday I celebrated with my uncle and aunt their 50th Wedding Anniversary.  I am proud that C.W. and Gloria Pound are my relatives.  C.W. is my mother’s younger brother.  C.W. and Gloria, you deserve all the accolades that was given to you yesterday.  I love you and appreciate your kindness to me and my family down through the years.  Congratulations on 50 years of marriage!

***This photo was taken at my 50th birthday party last year.  I went to Rialto yesterday without my camera so was not able to take any pictures.  Can you believe it?  So….I am waiting on cousins Steve and Valerie (in photo above) to send me some.  Hopefully I will be able to post some of the big day then. 🙂

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In September of this year, my cousin, Russell Pound began having chest and abdominal pain.  He went to the doctor and a chest x-ray showed some fluid around his lung.  A CAT scan revealed a thickening of the pleura, the lining around the lung.  He was diagnosed as having Mesothelioma after a biopsy was taken.  He was told that he has a  5% chance of living beyond the 13 month average after diagnosis.  However,  there was presented to them another option…to see a Dr. Sugarbaker in Boston.  Dr. Sugarbaker removes the offending pleura, the lung and part of the diaphragm, bathing the chest wall with heated chemo drugs.  So, now Russell and his wife, Barbara and their daughter, Tiffany are all in Boston.  They spent Christmas there.  I’m not sure how long he will have to be in Boston.  Their home is in in Tennessee.  I am praying this surgery and treatment work for Russell.  Will you join me in prayer?  Russell was one of my best friends while we were growing up. I would really like for the Lord to heal him completely and give him a long and prosperous life.

Digital Camera Pics 006

Russell, Paul, Michael, Me, Roger

These are my cousins, my mother’s oldest brother, James boys.  Michael passed away about 4 1/2 years ago.  He and Russell worked with my Uncle James in the pipeline construction industry. Over the years they laid many miles of asbestos concrete pipe.  They had no idea that the dust from the pipe could be lethal so wore no protection of any kind.  Just breathed it in day after day.  This is what has caused Russell’s problem.  

Thank You for your prayers for Russell, Barbara and Tiffany. 51b4596e11e478a87a364a6

I believe God is able.

If you want to read more about Russell’s story, they have set up a CaringBridge web-site @ http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/russpound

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I need for all of my friends to pray for my husband’s cousin, Nila.  Her son Benjamin passed away Saturday night and he was only 26 years old.  He has a sister, Felicia and a brother, Darian. They need the comfort that only God can bring at this time.  His dad also…his name is Bill.  There is of course extended family that is being touched by this as well.  Nila’s brothers, Darry and Danny, her sister Nolia and her mother, Tiny Beth Crossly.   Thank you for praying once again in a time of great need.

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A few days ago the “ghost” of Christmas Past came through my house and this is what it found.  Oh my!  We always have a good time at Christmas.  Since these pictures were taken, Keith, Mother and Daddy have gone on to their reward.  I am so happy that I enjoyed these times with them and that I have the memories.  It helps them to live on.  It’s also hard to believe that Nathaniel and Danelle have grown up so fast.  Yes, that really is true to all of you young mothers and fathers out there.  You really do say, “Where did the time go? It seem like just yesterday they were kids”.  I pray you have a blessed Christmas and that you make some wonderful memories with your family and friends.

 p.s. The Hurst side will come later.  The “ghost” hasn’t found all of those pictures yet.

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When I was at my uncle’s 70th birthday, I kept thinking about this phrase from Proverbs:  “A man that has friends must show himself friendly…”   People just kept coming and C.W. was overwhelmed.  They came from far and near to honor him and it is no “surprise” why.  C.W. has been a friend to so many people.  I have watched him all of my life give of himself unselfishly to his family and friends.  What was so funny about watching him be surprised is because he has surprised all of us all his life.  C.W. you are a great person and I love you more than I could say here.  Thanks for being such a great uncle and friend. 

Linda and Karla, I also really enjoyed being with you too.  “I’m smiling because you’re my sisters and laughing because you can’t do anything about it.” 

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