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I can’t seem to keep up with “health” issues these days.  First they tell you that chocolate is bad for you, now it’s good for you.  Then they say that drinking wine is not good for you, now they say you should have a glass of red wine every day for something. I can’t remember. (of course this one doesn’t effect me one way or the other.)  Eggs use to be bad for you now we should eat two a day. Tofu is good, oh no! it’s bad.  Dairy is bad, oh no! Now it’s good.  I can’t keep up!  For instance, I just read this somewhere…Start your day with a healthy buzz! Drink three cups of coffee a day, and a new study says you can reduce your risk of ovarian cancer by more than 20%! Drink more, and you’ll reduce your risk even further!  Caffeine affects hormones that contribute to the development of the disease, researchers say. And then they give this extra little tip:  Drink a cup of coffee after your workout—studies show it eases soreness. Wasn’t caffeine really bad for us just a few days ago?  Oh my!  Like I said, I can’t keep up.

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