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I posted this on Facebook, then I realized that all of my blogging friends are not on Facebook.  You should all consider coming and joining me.  It is a lot of fun. 🙂


My Family

Easter 2009


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Yesterday at Easter Dinner, we were all talking and having a great time.  Yes!  ALL talking at once.  That’s how it’s done when all the Hurst Family is in one room or at one table. 🙂  We tell the same stories over and over again and laugh in the same places.  You know how it is with families.  Well, several times my Mother-in-Law wanted to tell something and would attempt to but my Father-in-Law kept butting in.  🙂  She finally had enough and looked at him, like only she can do and said, “Would you please HUSH?”  ROTF!  It was hilarious.  Needless to say we all nearly passed out with laughter.  The look on Dad’s face was priceless.

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Our week-end started with a Neighborhood Outreach give-away.  The outreach team handed out 150 Easter Bags.  Then on Sunday we had a great time celebrating our risen Savior.    After church the family came to our house for food and fun.   Following are some pictures of the week-end beginning with Saturday Outreach and ending at our house on Sunday Evening.  I hope you enjoy. 

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Celebrate!  HE IS RISEN! 

Jesus has come to give LIFE and that more ABUNDANTLY!

Have a Happy Easter and celebrate our risen Saviour!

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I’m beginning to think about Easter Dinner and as I was looking for different recipes I came across this interesting tid-bit.  I thought you would probably be interested as well so I am sharing it with you.


Hot Cross Buns have long been a symbol of Good Friday.  Today they are sold in bake shops and supermarket bakeries throughout the Easter season.  Each bun has an icing cross on top to signify the crucifixion.

In England, they were once sold by street vendors who advertised their wares with cries of, “Hot Cross Buns! Hot Cross Buns!”  Their street cries became a nursery rhyme….

Hot Cross Buns!

Hot Cross Buns!

One a penny, two a penny,

Hot Cross Buns!

If ye have no daughters,

Give them to your sons.

One a penny, two a penny,

Hot Cross Buns.

Although they have been a Lenten and Good Friday tradition for centuries, Hot Cross Buns were not always associated with Christianity.  Their origins lie in pagan traditions of ancient cultures, with the cross representing the four quarters of the moon.  During early missionary efforts, the Christian church adopted the buns and re-interpreted the icing cross.  In 1361, a monk named Father Thomas Rockcliffe began a tradition of giving Hot Cross Buns to the poor of St. Albans on Good Friday.  In years that followed, many customs, traditions, superstitions, and aclaims of healing and protection from evil were associated with the buns. In the 16th century, Queen Elizabeth I passed a law banning the consumption of Hot Cross Buns except during festivals such as Easter, Christmas and funerals.

What do you think of such traditions?  Do you serve Hot Cross Buns on Good Friday or with your Easter Dinner? 


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