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Congratulations to our daughter Danelle. She graduated this past Friday from Dental Assistance School. We are very proud of her!

Danelle's Grad and puppy 009 Just received certificate.

Danelle's Grad and puppy 015Matt, Cassandra and Danelle. Thank you Cassandra for helping Danelle in this endeavor.

Danelle's Grad and puppy 016 Danelle and Nathan. Proud Dad.

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Nathan and I have always had the tradition of taking the High School graduates of our congregation out to dinner for a time of celebration.  We are proud of the young people who graduate from High School.  We let them choose the restaurant they want to go to.  There have been a few years that we throw a graduation banquet for them instead, but most of the time it is a dinner affair.  We really enjoy this time with them, getting to know them better and finding out what they want to accomplish in life etc.  This year we only had one senior, Abbey Bowdish.  Can you believe that?  Next year is a different story however.  There will be several.  Anyway, we took Abbey to the Chart House in Monterey for a very nice dinner.  She invited her brother Matt to come along.  We had a great time.

abbey-graduation-dinner-002.jpg  Me, Abbey and Matt at our house before we left for the Chart House.

abbey-graduation-dinner-001.jpg  Nathan, Abbey and Matt.

abbey-graduation-dinner-003.jpg  Me and Abbey at Chart House.

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