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Tuesday Night, December 16th, 2008 @ 6:30 p.m. the guests began to arrive at the home of Ron and Margie Abbott (Tulare, California).  Ministers and their wives from the San Diego area all the way up to the Sacramento and Bay Area came together for a great time of fun, food and fellowship.  What a great time we all had.  We ate and talked and talked and talked.  And laughed, and laughed some more.  Played a couple of crazy games together, thanks to Mickey Grogan.  We heard some very good “stories” from Gary Harding and Bill Parkey.  🙂  The meal was superb with salad, roast beef (bear meat), vegetables, chili beans that were awesome and the many desserts of which I tried to stay away from ( but I did taste the fudge).  🙂  Mmmm….good.  Then to top the evening off, Bobbie (Shoemake) sat down at the piano and we all gathered ’round to sing some Christmas Carols under the “direction” of Bill Parkey.  A great big shout out to Ron and Margie for their hospitality in opening their beautiful home to all of us.  We had a great time. 🙂  Merry Christmas!

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Life is short.

Break the rules.

Forgive quickly.

Kiss slowly.

Love truly.

Laugh uncontrollably,

and never regret anything that made you smile.

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The young men’s group called freeWAY was in service with us yesterday and we had a great time.  The two girls that received the Holy Ghost Friday night at a sectional youth rally was at church again today and received the Holy Ghost all over again.  You must go here to read more about this event. Read the post “Patience, Fruit of the Spirit”. VERY touching. God is doing some incredible things in Hollister and we are humbled and extremely thankful for His blessings.

click on photos to enlarge


During the concert freeWAY has this little fun thing that they do with inflatable instruments…They ask some people to come up and be their “band”.  They called for Mimi to “play rhythm guitar”, Jason to “play bass”,  Daniel to “play electric guitar”, Luis, as a special guest “singer” and lo and behold, me to “play saxophone”.  Well, sure enough, the cameras and blackberry’s and iphones all came out. 🙂  So here you have it folks…Ronda (me) making her debut as an AWESOME saxophone player.  Move over Luis! LOL

Sis. Hurst playing the saxaphone with freeWay

Daniel on guitar & Jason on bass with freeWay Daniel and Jason

Mimi playing guitar & Luis singing with freeWay Mimi and Luis

Sis. Hurst, Daniel & Jason playing with freeWay Hammin’ It up with the rest of the “band”. 🙂

Oh yeah, with all those cameras flashing I decided to really show out. Hope you guys all enjoyed the fun. 🙂

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We just celebrated my father’s-in-law 75th birthday.  He loves Red Lobster so we all went and had great time.  If you know my father-in-law at all you know that he is man you could set your clock by.  Here is just one thing about him that is so consistent.  He eats lunch every day at 12:00, straight up noon.  His lunch has not changed in many years.  It is always a bologna sandwich, chips and ice tea.  On Sunday’s a lot of times when all of us want to go to a resturant Dad will say, “Ohhh, let’s just go home and eat a Bologna sandwich.”  So, the kitchen staff and waiters at Red Lobster worked with Scott and Teresa to bring Dad a bologna sandwich and chips when all the dinners were served.  It was quite hilarious the look on his face when he was expecting a nice Red Lobster dinner to be set in front of him.

  100_2820.jpg Scott and Teresa having fun with Dad about the Bologna Sandwich.

After we had a good laugh they did bring out the dinner he ordered.  I think the staff had as much fun as we did.  lol 

100_2815.jpgclick photo to enlarge.

Nathan, Matt, Danelle, Dad, Me, Mom, Patricia and Gary

go here for more photos

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After starting a new diet I altered my drive to work to avoid passing my favorite bakery.  I accidentally drove by the bakery this morning, and as I approached, there in the window were a host of goodies.   I felt this was no accident, so I prayed … “Lord, it’s up to you, if you want me to have any of those delicious goodies, create a parking place for me directly in front of the bakery.”

And sure enough,

on the eighth time around

the block,

there it was!

God is so Good!”


Thanks to my friend,Tina Evans for this one!

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These should bring a smile to your face.  Children’s Science Exam:

Q:  Name the four seasons.  A:  Salt, pepper, mustard and vinegar.

Q:  How is dew formed?    A:  The sun shines down on the leaves and makes them perspire.

Q:  How can you delay milk turning sour? (brilliant, love this!)   A:  Keep it in the cow.

Q:  What are steroids?    A:  Things for keeping carpets still on the stairs.

Q:  Name a major disease associated with cigarettes.    A:  Premature death.

Q:  What is the fibula?    A:  A small lie.

Q:  What does “varicose” mean?    A:  Nearby

Q:  Give the meaning of the term “Cesarean Section”.    A:  The Cesarean Section is a district in Rome.

Q:  What does the word “benign” mean?    A:  Benign is what you will be after you be eight.  

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Yesterday just as our service ended and I was walking out the door, I ran smack into the Valentine Family.  I don’t have time or space to write what all these folks mean to us.  They were in our church in Texarkana, Texas from the very beginning.  So we all kind of “grew up” together.  We raised our kids together.  Bridget, the oldest daughter (in photo) and Tiffany, the youngest daughter are the same ages as our two children, Nathaniel and Danelle.  Tiffany was Danelle’s maid of honor in her wedding this past August.  Sooooo, we invited them over for a big B.B.Q.  of Tri-Tip, Chicken, “Cowboy” Beans, Baked Potatoes, Ice Tea  and for dessert, Apple Pie and Ice Cream and Coffee.  Oh my the memories did flow.  And to top it all off we are in Revival right now with Greg Henry who was also raised in our church in Texarkana.  Nathan and I use to sing with Greg’s Dad, the late Bill Henry.  We were known as the Landmark Trio.  After Bill’s death Greg began to sing with us and did so until he left to go on the evangelistic field.  So you can imagine the good time we all had yesterday remembering good times together.  There is nothing like old friends who have been through a lot together.  These folks are truly what the Bible says about true friendship, “A Friend loveth at ALL times”.  Thank God for good friends.


Kenny (Bridget’s Husband), Bridget, Me, Rene, Danny.



Greg Henry and Me.


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You won’t be sorry if you go visit:  www.jeremyfoster.org!  Go check it out.  He’s great and you may want to have him  speak for your corporation, church, school, etc.

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At Hebrew School, the Rabbi finished the day’s lesson.  It was now time for the usual question period.

“Rabbi?” asked little Melvin “there’s something I need to know.”

“What’s that my child?”  asked the Rabbi.

“Well, according to the Scriptures, the Children of Israel crossed the Red Sea, right?”


“And the Children of Israel beat up the Philistines, right?”


“And the Children of Israel built the Temple, right?”

“Again you are correct.”

“And the Children of Israel fought the Egyptians, and the Children of Israel fought the Romans, and the Children of Israel were always doing something important, right?”

“All that is correct,” agreed the Rabbi.  “So what’s your question?”

“What I need to know is this,” demanded Melvin.  “What were all the grown-ups doing?”

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If you have a cat you should go read this at Random Thoughts.  It’s great!

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