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Has it really been thirty three years?  I still feel like I’m that young blushing bride.  I was so excited for this day to come, 33 years ago.  As I was waiting to hear the organ play the introduction to the song I marched down the aisle on, “Here Comes Heaven”, I remember Daddy asking me, “Are you sure about this?  Are you sure you love Nathan enough to live with him the rest of your life”?  I looked him straight in the eye and said, “I’m sure”.  Little did I know at that time how much love can grow.  Looking back, our love for each other that day was nothing compared to what it is now.  All the things you go through together makes love grow deep.  One of the songs sung at our wedding was “Walk Through This World With Me” and that is what we have done.  We have walked together, flown high sometimes, crawled and sometimes just had to stand still, but we’ve had each other.  I’m thankful for the journey and I am looking forward to the future with the man of my dreams.

Our Wedding Party: September 2, 1977

Our Wedding Day September 2, 1977

On our Honeymoon, September 1977

Us Now!

Our Family: August 2, 2010

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Disclaimer:  I know that “Think Pink” is the motto for breast cancer awareness.  This article has nothing to do with that.  I wholeheartedly support breast cancer awareness and I “Think Pink” where that is concerned.  My mother was a victim of breast cancer, therefore I support 110% anything that can be done to prevent it.


A lot has been said of late about the church being to feminine.  I don’t agree with this take on The Church.  At least not in our church or the churches I am associated with.  There is a lot of surveys floating around of “why men don’t go to church”, etc.  However, on this score, I am thankful for the body of Christ that I am a part of.  The men in our congregations are completely sold out to God, by far the majority.  The ministry that I see on a consistent basis are true MEN of God.  Not a feminine one in the group. 🙂  I am thankful for that.

I do, however, see this trend happening more and more concerning marriage.  I’ve heard it said to husbands, “You have to learn to think pink”.  Huh?  Is that even possible for a man to do?  “You need to get in touch with your more feminine side”.  Huh, again?  Please don’t get me wrong…I want my husband to be sensitive to my needs but I want him to do it like a man, not like I would.  I see this same thing in raising children.  The mother doesn’t want to leave the kids with daddy to long because he lets them get dirty and smear peanut butter and jelly on their face. 🙂  I am a firm believer in the fact that kids need both parents influence.  It is good for the kids to hang out with dad every once in awhile.  My children tell me stories of how when I was gone to a ladies conference or some other trip and Nathan (dad) was left in charge.  It is quite funny to me.  Here is one incident…when he would fix their oatmeal in the mornings before school, they said he let them put as much sugar and butter in there as they wanted.  I can just imagine the oatmeal floating in a yellow “lake” of butter. 🙂   You know what?  It didn’t kill them and now they have those funny memories.  There are things they could get by with Dad that I would NEVER have allowed. 🙂

I am simply saying…in the kind of world we live in, we are being bombarded on every hand to become something we are not intended to be by God’s design.  Personally, I like men to be men and women to be women.  What in the world is wrong with a woman being feminine?  Ruffles, lace, sweet smelling perfume…?  A little pampering never hurt anyone. And, what in the world is wrong with a man being masculine?  I’m afraid sometimes that America has “suited” up the ladies and put “ruffles” on the men.  Let us be what we are intended to be!  Please don’t start trying to make me think “blue”.  I don’t think I could possibly pull that one off.  As much as I like to relate to my husband and son, I like to do it in my feminine way.  And, as much as I like for them to relate to me, I know that no matter how hard they try,  they will never be able to think “pink”, totally and completely.  It is just not in our make-up to do so.

Men, be the man God intended for you to be and love your wife, your daughters and your sons like a man should.  And ladies, be proud.  Hold your head up high. Keep that feminine mystique about you.  God made us all like He intended.  He did not make a mistake when he made you what you are.  Don’t allow the world around you to squelch it. 🙂

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The Man I Love

The man I love was sent from above,

He is perfect for me.

I love his height, his hands and eyes,

His smile still mesmerizes me.

Oh, how precious that he can preach,

And one of the best when the Word he does teach.

I love how he prays,

And connected to God stays,

I love him in so many ways.

A great father is he

This man of my dreams,

I hold him in highest esteem.


Happy Valentine’s to my one and only, Nathan J. Hurst

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I have been tagged twice now so I guess I better respond.  Once from Jewell and once from Gene.  So, here goes:

1. When Mother was carrying me in her 8 month, she fell down a flight of stairs.  I always told her that it was her fault something wasn’t quite right with me. LOL  When I started to crawl I would drag my right leg.  And then when I started to walk I was extremely bow-legged.  Daddy worried about me.  But, I grew up alright. Things straightened out.

2.  I loved P.E. in school, especially gymnastics and was fairly good at it too. When I was younger I loved to play sports: baseball, volleyball, basketball, tennis, badminton (with Mother), etc.  I skated, rode a skateboard, biked, jumped on my Pogo stick, jumped rope, climbed trees, dug and built trenches with Nanci (Shoemake) Holston, so we could play army. Anything so I didn’t have to come into the house.  Not that I didn’t love my home but I love the outdoors. Thank God for parents that let me be a “tom-boy”.  I still snow ski (blue slopes) and play some games when the younger generation will let me.  lol

3.  When I was 9 years old the Lord healed me of allergies.  I had to come home from school almost every day in the spring and my eyes would be nearly swollen shut and itching so bad I couldn’t stand it. The doctor had told Daddy that we would need to move from Fresno, CA to either the coast or desert.  Daddy told the doctor that would be impossible.  He was a pastor and couldn’t just up and move.  And the doctor told Daddy that I would only get worse if we didn’t get to a place that had better air.  Well, the doctor didn’t know the Great Physician can do anything and He did what the doctor thought impossible and I have never suffered from allergies since that time. THANK YOU JESUS!

4.  I didn’t want to marry a preacher!  Although every guy I ever dated was already in the ministry. (well, except one) and he ended up being one. LOL  In fact when our phone rang in our hotel room (mother, daddy and mine) at the General Conference (1976) in Anaheim, CA I would jump in the bathtub FULLY CLOTHED and say to Mother or Daddy, “If that’s Nathan Hurst tell him I’m in the bathtub”.  hee hee  Mother would say, “no! you come talk to this boy.  If you don’t want to go out with him, tell him yourself.”  Well, we did go out, and the rest is history.  And I wouldn’t trade being a minister’s wife for any other life in this world.  I AM BLESSED!

5. I was and am very mischievous.  When my husband was youth secretary in Texas (way back when), I squirted Bro. Jerry Jones in the face with a water gun (we had confiscated quite a few from the campers) after a Rook Tournament with he and his wife, Bro. and Sis. Ken Gurley and Nathan and I.  Needless to say, that turned into quite a water fight. You know sometimes you just go crazy when you deal with teenagers for a long time and that summer we had back to back camps.  I have apologized many times for that however. How was I supposed to know he would be the General Secretary of the U.P.C.I. one of these days? LOL

Well, now that you have found out 5 things you didn’t know about me let’s move onto some others and tag them and see what we can find out about them.  JanaBeckyCarolMariaDiana,  and Shirley Buxton.  Come on ladies! I will be watching to see how you do! lol

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Tell her you love her.

If you like the way she looks, cooks, dresses, walk, talks, smells-let her know it. You can’t compliment a woman to much.

Never keep her waiting. If you know you’re going to be late, call her and let her know.

Tell her you love her.

Dig up a date for her homely, lonely cousin.

NEVER try to make her jealous.

Remember your manners, and show her the same respect and courtesy you give to those you don’t know as well.

Tell her she’s prettier than her mother.

In addition to remembering her on all the traditional gift-giving occasions (her birthday, your anniversary, Christmas and Valentine’s Day), surprise her with a small gift for no special reason.

For no reason at all, walk up behind her and plant a kiss on her neck.

If you have a criticism to make, do it in private.

Tell her you love her.

Remember, cleanliness is next to godliness, so jump in shower every day. Oh, and use soap.

Tell her she is absolutely the most wonderful person in the world and she’ll believe that YOU are!



Never ASK him if he loves you. But do tell him often that YOU love HIM. (and if you can back it up with several good reasons why, lay it on!)

Never criticize him in public. But if you have a criticism, be sure it’s constructive and offered in the spirit of helpfulness and love, never as a put-down.

Clip newspaper and magazine articles that might help him in his work-or perhaps a cartoon or some amusing item you think he will enjoy.

Don’t badmouth his friends. Or worse yet, his family. He can’t pick his relatives.

Never keep him waiting.

Don’t call him at work unless it’s very important.

NEVER try to make him jealous.

NEVER lie to him.

Don’t sulk. If something is bugging you, talk it out and clear the air.

Don’t pout and sure enough DON’T WHINE.

Keep yourself kissing clean.

Surprise him occasionally with little love notes. (in his lunch-box, briefcase, on his desk, in his suitcase, on the mirror…) It will warm his heart.


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