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Whew!  What a week!  We flew out last Monday to attend “Because of the Times” conference in Alexandria, Louisiana.  There are so many blessings associated with this trip I’m not quite sure I can put into words how grateful I am.  We were going to drive to “Because of the Times” but Nathan received a phone call on the Thursday before we were going to leave on Sunday and the conversation went something like this…”Nathan, I heard that you and Ronda are driving back here to BOTT?…Well, I won’t have that.  You would be exhausted by the time you got here and if the Lord wanted to speak to you (and He will), you would be too tired to receive it.  You get online and get a ticket and fly back here and let me know how much when you get here….”  WOW! Can you say BLESSING!  Of course there is more to that conversation but I don’t have time nor space to put it all here. 🙂  I got the best tickets I could possibly find and we flew.  Thank You! Thank You! Thank You to Bro. Anthony and Bro. Jim for blessing us this way.  Thank you just doesn’t seem quite enough for that kind of blessing, however it comes from deep within my heart.  We flew into Dallas, Texas and rented a car to drive the rest of the way to Alexandria.  It is about 5 hours and since we got in late and our luggage was not on our flight and we had to wait another 2 hours for it to come in, we decided to get a room in Marshall, Texas. My husband asked the desk clerk for a downstairs room so we would not have to take all of our luggage into the elevator and up to an upper level room.  He said, “Sure”.  Then he said, “I don’t have any king size beds downstairs”.  Nathan said, “That’s fine. Two doubles for tonight will do”.  When the clerk handed him the receipt to sign, the balance was 0.00.   Nathan asked, “how much is the room?”  The clerk replied, “I’m giving it to you tonight since I don’t have a king size bed downstairs.”  Nathan said, “You don’t have to do that”.  He said, “I want to. Manager’s privilege.”  So, what was going to cost us $115.00 ended up being free.  WOW!  Can you say BLESSING!  We got to Alexandria Tuesday Afternoon and began to prepare for BOTT. Tuesday Night service was tremendous and I knew we had made the right decision to attend BOTT 2009.  The theme this year was II Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.  All I can say is, buy the cd or DVD set and be blessed. One of the messages this week I felt as if the preacher was standing right in front of Nathan and I and preaching solely to us.  I know a lot of people felt that way but that is the wonder of anointed preaching.  It ministers to different people all in one setting. WOW! Can you say BLESSING!  On Wednesday afternoon a minister walked up to my husband and handed him something and said, “You and Ronda go have lunch.”  When we got outside and looked, it was 2 one hundred dollar bills. Wow! Can you say BLESSING! We had a good lunch. 🙂  And then, Nathan turned around and blessed someone else with one of the hundred dollar bills.  That’s how it works isn’t it?  You give and give and then God pours you out a blessing you can’t quite contain.  You then turn around and give some more and then, God just does it all over again.  You cannot out give God! 

By Thursday Night you are very tired at BOTT but you don’t want to miss anything so you still get there early and anticipate what the Lord might do next.  Well…Royce Wilson preached an incredible message.  Just buy the DVD.  I can’t begin to describe it and what I felt.  At the end of the message Nathan and I walked to the front to pray.  Sis. Vesta Layne Mangun got a hold of me.  When she gets a hold of you, you will probably be there awhile. 🙂  We had the best time in the Holy Ghost.  She prayed, spoke in tongues, prophesied and we even danced a little.  This was another blessing too precious to really put in words. Wow!  Can you say BLESSING! 

We left BOTT refreshed, renewed, lifted up and challenged.


Friday Evening we met Greg, Monya, Macy and Melody Henry in Dallas at Pappadeaux for dinner.  We had a great time with them.  Macy and Melody are growing up so fast.  They both made the honor roll in school and we are so proud of them. 

After dinner we drove on up to Wichita Falls to be with Gene and Karla for the week-end.  Saturday we relaxed and just enjoyed being with them and Cameron and Chad.  Sunday was an incredible day of worship and the word. The power of God was so strong in both services.  It was incredible.  

We got home last night and I am so thankful to be here.  We got out of Wichita Falls just in time.  I heard that they are iced in today. 😦 

God is good to His people!  I pray you all have a BLESSED week.  He has done marvelous things! 

Wow!  Can you say BLESSING!

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Tuesday Night, December 16th, 2008 @ 6:30 p.m. the guests began to arrive at the home of Ron and Margie Abbott (Tulare, California).  Ministers and their wives from the San Diego area all the way up to the Sacramento and Bay Area came together for a great time of fun, food and fellowship.  What a great time we all had.  We ate and talked and talked and talked.  And laughed, and laughed some more.  Played a couple of crazy games together, thanks to Mickey Grogan.  We heard some very good “stories” from Gary Harding and Bill Parkey.  🙂  The meal was superb with salad, roast beef (bear meat), vegetables, chili beans that were awesome and the many desserts of which I tried to stay away from ( but I did taste the fudge).  🙂  Mmmm….good.  Then to top the evening off, Bobbie (Shoemake) sat down at the piano and we all gathered ’round to sing some Christmas Carols under the “direction” of Bill Parkey.  A great big shout out to Ron and Margie for their hospitality in opening their beautiful home to all of us.  We had a great time. 🙂  Merry Christmas!

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This week we have been in Bakersfield for Western District Board Meetings.  Nathan is the Multicultural Ministries Director and works closely with the Home Missions Board under the leadership of Bro. Tim Flowers and Bro. Gordon Richardson.  It is long and tiring work but it has to be done. The fellowship that goes along with it makes it enjoyable.  I love being with the people of God in any setting, even board meetings. 🙂

I enjoyed dinners, lunches and late night crazy fun with some of my friends.  I laughed so hard with Amber Gilliam, Darla Young and Susan Hill until my sides ached.  I’m ready for another late night Wal-Mart run, girls. 🙂  I enjoyed dinner with Sis. O’Keefe, Sis. Abbey, Sis. Pat Keyes and Aunt Joyce (Sis. Baglin).  I don’t get to spend a lot of time with Aunt Joyce and I really enjoyed my time with her.  Someone asked me how we are related and I had to tell them that we are not blood kin.  However, before my Dad or Uncle Bill (Barnes) was ever married, they evangelized together.  When they got married…Murray to Lila (Daddy and Mother) and Bill to Joyce, Mother and Aunt Joyce became best of friends also.  So when we were all growing up we just started calling them Uncle Bill and Aunt Joyce and it has been that way ever since. Uncle Bill has since gone on to his reward and Aunt Joyce married a wonderful man, Bro. Bob Baglin.  Sometimes it’s kind of funny sounding when I say, “Hello, Bro. Baglin and Aunt Joyce.”  But now you will know why that is the case. 🙂  LIfe is good and I love them both.

I also enjoyed a little bit of fellowship with Sis. Mullings, Anita Harding, Gayla Baughmen (sorry, didn’t get a pic)  and Deana Krantz.  Love you all and I am already looking forward to Ladies Conference in March.  I know we will have a great time!  🙂

There was actually gasoline for under $3.00 in Bakersfield so I had to take a couple of pics.  The Chevron caught our attention, so I took the picture, and then on the way home it got better when I saw the 76.  Gas is still over $3.00 here in Hollister so that was awesome to me. 🙂  I did find gas today in Morgan Hill for $2.99. Yeah!  LOL I know it’s crazy of me to be excited about gasoline prices going down but I am.  Oh well, Thank God for small blessings! 🙂

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Today we buried one of our saint’s father. He was a good man and we were honored to part of his home-going service. Cassandra, if you read this, I whispered another prayer for you and the rest of the family tonight. I know you miss your Dad. He was such a neat person. 🙂 We then had to take off to Woodland (close to Sacramento) for a Section 7 Ladies Rally. I was privileged to speak for them tonight. We had a great time. Summer Schexnayder is the director for Section 7 and she is doing a great job serving. If you don’t know Sis. Summer, she is this little tiny person that has an incredible voice. She is playing the organ with her head-piece microphone on and all of a sudden I hear this voice. Oh My! Is that voice coming from that little body? 🙂 Well, yes it is. Great leading of worship from her. Then the sign team from Citrus Heights (Bro. Sullivan pastor) did an incredible job tonight too. There was a sweet move of the Holy Ghost during the altar service and many ladies were touched. Keep on Singing girls! 🙂 After service I enjoyed a few minutes of fellowship with the ladies and some refreshments that the ladies of the church here in Woodland had prepared. I love being around the people of God and my sisters in the Lord. There is no better people in the whole world. 🙂 We will be in service with Bro. and Sis. Schexnayder Saturday night here in Woodland and then head back over the hill to home for our Sunday services. God bless you all and I hope you have a great week-end.

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Yesterday afternoon when my phone started “ringing” the song, “That’s what Friends are For” I went to pick it up knowing that the voice I heard on the other end would be a friend. Sure enough it was. Bobbie was calling to see if Nathan and I could meet her and Bro. Shoemake over in Carmel for dinner later on. They had a room over there and was spending a night or two. I said that I would check with Nathan and see. He said yes. So later on we hopped in the car and drove over to Carmel and met the Shoemakes at Bahama Billy’s and had a great time of good food and good fellowship. We entered the restaurant at 7: p.m. and didn’t exit until 10: p.m. 🙂 I think the restaurant personnel was wondering if we brought suitcases to stay all night. Oh well, time flies when you’re having fun. 🙂


Me, Bobbie and Bro. Shoemake


Bobbie, Bro. Shoemake, Nathan

Sorry for the blur. My camera couldn’t figure out who to focus on. 🙂

Is this better in sepia?

Copy of 100_3269

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Sunday as our little niece prayed at the altar I felt impressed to say something to her. I had Teresa (my sister-in-law) come over to where we were so she could hear what I said to Victoria. I simply said, “Victoria, I want you to ask Jesus every day this week for the Holy Ghost and then next Sunday you will receive it.” She said she would. Wednesday night before church when she came and gave me her usual hug and “Hi, Aunt Ronda”, I said “Have you been asking Jesus to fill you with the Holy Ghost”. She said, “Yes I have”. Well I was expecting her to receive the Holy Ghost on Sunday but God had different plans. The altar service was in progress and Nathaniel came up to the organ and said to me, “Look at Victoria” and when I looked she was standing alone with tears streaming down her face and hands lifted high, praising God. Just a few moments after I saw this sight my husband asked for anyone who was sick to come forward and be anointed with oil for healing. Victoria and Brandon (her brother) both came to the front with others. As Bro. Andrew Buxton (visiting minister) laid hands on these folks you could see the anointing come upon them. When he laid hands on Victoria for healing I saw him back away slightly and then ask her Dad, Scott, “Does she have the Holy Ghost?” and Scott said, “not yet”. Bro. Buxton laid his hands on her again and she began to speak in tongues as the Spirit gave utterance. It was such a beautiful thing. I watched as her Sunday School teachers (Jim and Marian Knutson) prayed with her. Thank God for good Sunday School Teachers that care even though it’s Wednesday night and they are tired. Here is another little faith builder…Monday night at Daughters of Zion prayer meeting we specifically asked the Lord to fill Victoria with the Holy Ghost this week. Remember this, specific prayers get specific answers!

This was just a “regular” Wednesday night Bible Study. My husband had taught on prayer. The spirit of God was so strong that folks began coming to the altar without being asked and began to pray. I love it when God moves in and takes over and blesses our seemingly small efforts. When I left the church last night I could hear 3 of our young men travailing before the Lord. I don’t know how late they stayed and prayed but I know that something was taking place in the spirit world. I look forward to seeing what God will do for these young men in the future. Other blessings were poured out on God’s people in this service that was greatly needed, but time ‘nor space is adequate to put it all here. Suffice to say, God blessed Bro. Andrew Buxton with a needed blessing and if he wants to tell about it I will let him do that. Thank God for Victory!

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We were blessed to have with us this past Wednesday Night, Michael and Miriam Sponsler. The Sponsler’s are missionaries to Argentina. They shared with us their burden for the country of Argentina and Bro. Sponsler preached a great message on, “A Place Prepared For You” (not sure if that’s correct title). Mike if you read this, you can correct me on the title. 🙂 It was a message of great faith.

We enjoyed fellowship with the Sponsler’s not only because of their missionary status but also because they are dear friends. Miriam was raised in Kennewick, Washington and was in my in-law’s church. She was 10 years old when they went to Kennewick over 40 years ago. She stated in church Wednesday Night that she owes her salvation to God and Pastor and Sis. B.J. Hurst. How precious it is to see one of yours fulfilling the call that God has placed on their life. I know my father and mother in-law are proud of Miriam. In fact, it is her brother, Wayne Clemetson that now pastor’s the church in Kennewick since my in-laws retired. So, now you can see why this was an extra special time for all of us.

Miriam, if you read this, I love you bunches and am proud to call you friend. Even though we don’t get to be around each other that much, I always enjoy it when we can.


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We are at Landmark Global Impact 2008 in Stockton, California. The church here is absolutely beautiful. Bro. Wayne Huntley from Raleigh, North Carolina preached a great message tonight on “We Need Revival”. He preached about the difference between evangelism and revival. It was so good and so needed. If you want to listen to this sermon I’m sure you could order a copy (dvd or cd) from CLC. It would be worth your time and money. Also, it is always so good to come to a conference and fellowship with people of like precious faith. Seeing old friends and making new ones is always a pleasure. God bless all of you this day.

Another great sermon you will want to hear is “How to Build a Revival Church, preached by
Randy Keyes. This is so true! Please order this one from CLC too. You will be blessed.

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