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I am asking all my blogger friends to pray again. This time for Timothy Simoneaux (read prayer request below). God has heard us so many times and I know that this will be no different. His healing power can reach across the nations through your prayers and touch Timo. You can visit Timo’s blog here. Please keep the family in your prayers. I know at times like this they probably feel very alone so far away from family. However, I know that God can bring them peace and comfort. Thank you once again for praying.



Timothy (Timo) Simoneaux, a missionary kid from Africa, has bacterial meningitis. He has been unresponsive for five hours and is being air-evaced from Malawi to South Africa. They expect the plane to arrive within the next five hours. Please pray that the plane will arrive sooner and get him to South Africa. Please pray for God’s healing power to flow in Timothy’s body. Please pray that the family will have peace in this scary time.

P.S. To stay updated visit Tracie’s blog. She and her husband pastor in Conroe, Texas.  Vicki Simoneaux (Timo’s mother) is Tracie’s sister.

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