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I am asking all my blogger friends to pray again. This time for Timothy Simoneaux (read prayer request below). God has heard us so many times and I know that this will be no different. His healing power can reach across the nations through your prayers and touch Timo. You can visit Timo’s blog here. Please keep the family in your prayers. I know at times like this they probably feel very alone so far away from family. However, I know that God can bring them peace and comfort. Thank you once again for praying.



Timothy (Timo) Simoneaux, a missionary kid from Africa, has bacterial meningitis. He has been unresponsive for five hours and is being air-evaced from Malawi to South Africa. They expect the plane to arrive within the next five hours. Please pray that the plane will arrive sooner and get him to South Africa. Please pray for God’s healing power to flow in Timothy’s body. Please pray that the family will have peace in this scary time.

P.S. To stay updated visit Tracie’s blog. She and her husband pastor in Conroe, Texas.  Vicki Simoneaux (Timo’s mother) is Tracie’s sister.

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HIS GRACE…OUR HOPE was the theme for our !st Annual Missions Conference. Every service was awesome in it’s own way. I must give credit where credit is due to Teresa Sarria for putting together such a great conference. Teresa you are incredible!

Friday Night started with the children bringing in flags of different countries while the song “Jesus Loves the Little Children” was being played. Then as they got to the front they sang the song and then posted their flags into the holder that had been made for this purpose. After they exited then 2 United States Marines came in carrying the American Flag and the Marine Corps flag. When they got to the front and the Marine Corps flag was being lowered Kyle Valenti played the National Anthem on the guitar and then Nathan led us in “The Pledge of Allegiance”. After the Pledge of Allegiance we all sang, “God Bless America” and then Nathan prayed for our country and it’s leaders. It was a very touching moment. Of course, I am always touched by patriotic things and this was no exception. We then turned our focus to Foreign Missions. Bro. Bruce Howell (director of Foreign Missions U.P.C.I.) had a personal message for us via DVD. He thanked us for what our church had done in the past for missions and for what we were going to do in this conference and the coming year. It was very special. Then, Luis began the song, “Amazing Grace” on his saxophone. No other instruments accompanied. It was beautiful. Gary Hurst then began to tell of the the great things God is doing in the foreign field. At different intervals of him reading the statistics of how many have received the Holy Ghost, been baptized in Jesus Name, churches started, etc. different ones sang the song “Amazing Grace” in a foreign language. Faith Nova sang in Japanese, Amanda Silveira in French, Dominic Ingram in Portuguese and Matthew Silveira in Spanish. It was beautiful. Then the whole congregation sang at the conclusion of the report and I don’t think I’ve ever heard Amazing Grace sung with such passion. Missionary John Beek and his wife were with us and he preached and shared his burden for Scotland. It was great!

Saturday Night was our Home Missions service. The Sign Co. began the service with the song, “Father, Can you Hear Me?” They did a superb job as usual. Then Danelle Silveira sang, “Marvelous Grace” and that was incredible. Then Vessels of Honor sang, “Until We Care”, and Scott Sarria sang the song “Every Man” with a power point presentation. Bro. Stuart Young and his family were with us from Livermore and he preached on “Who Are You”. We so enjoyed having them and Sis. Young’s parents, The Johnson’s with us in service tonight.

Sunday was another great service with Faith Promise being the theme for today. We just had church! The chorale sang, “Until We Care” again and then we sang, “Say So”! Bro. and Sis. Randy Keyes was with us today and what an incredible message he preached!!! Bro. Keyes is one of the most faith building preachers I know. He preaches with such faith that you can’t help but grasp hold of some of it while the word is going forth. AWESOME! INCREDIBLE! I am so excited about what our church did for missions and in their sacrificial giving that I could almost burst. It is amazing how God really turns His focus on a people when they turn their focus on the harvest. My oh My! Enjoy the pictures! His Grace….Our Hope!

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We had a tremendous Missions Conference this weekend.  This was our 1st annual missions conference and I am so excited about what the Lord did the past three services.  I will write more about it when I get some pictures into my computer.  However, suffice it to say right now that it was so good.  God bless! Have a great Monday.

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With our upcoming missions conference right around the corner I have been more aware of things going on around the world in our churches. Here is a short report that I received from Sis. Richardson and thought I would share it with you today. God is moving all around the globe and I am so happy I am a small part of what He is doing in these last days. Remember to pray for our missionaries and their families as they endeavor to do God’s will. I also can’t help but get excited about heaven. Can you imagine what it will be like when we are able to meet all of those from around the world and forever be together with the Lord? It will be quite a time I say!

Africa conf. Rough roads, but worth the trip…Last month we prayed for a sectional conference that was scheduled to be held during April. Missionary Albert Stewart shares with us his experiences on their recent trip to Baloma, LIBERIA for that conference. The 200-mile trip took fifteen hours. Sixty of these miles were in dense rain forest where they had to cross 54 bridges, most of which had to be repaired before crossing. BUT, it was all worthwhile when arriving to find a group of excited saints. With 700 in attendance during the two-day conference, twelve were baptized in Jesus Name, eight were filled with the Holy Ghost and many testified of being healed and revived. Thank you for your prayers..

Afric Con. Africa Conference

Aftrica Confe.

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We were blessed to have with us this past Wednesday Night, Michael and Miriam Sponsler. The Sponsler’s are missionaries to Argentina. They shared with us their burden for the country of Argentina and Bro. Sponsler preached a great message on, “A Place Prepared For You” (not sure if that’s correct title). Mike if you read this, you can correct me on the title. 🙂 It was a message of great faith.

We enjoyed fellowship with the Sponsler’s not only because of their missionary status but also because they are dear friends. Miriam was raised in Kennewick, Washington and was in my in-law’s church. She was 10 years old when they went to Kennewick over 40 years ago. She stated in church Wednesday Night that she owes her salvation to God and Pastor and Sis. B.J. Hurst. How precious it is to see one of yours fulfilling the call that God has placed on their life. I know my father and mother in-law are proud of Miriam. In fact, it is her brother, Wayne Clemetson that now pastor’s the church in Kennewick since my in-laws retired. So, now you can see why this was an extra special time for all of us.

Miriam, if you read this, I love you bunches and am proud to call you friend. Even though we don’t get to be around each other that much, I always enjoy it when we can.


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August 10, 2007 we were at the Southeast Asian Conference in Stockton, California.  These people are precious!  We met so many new friends and enjoyed the worship with this fine conference.  Bro. Coolbaugh, missionary to Thailand brought the message for the evening and it was great.  Bro. Bunthean Nhothsiri interpreted the whole service and I was in awe.  Here’s a few pictures of the evening.  Enjoy.

[rockyou id=80125276&w=500&h=375]

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