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After we sang the first chorus, “Praise Awaits You In this Place” on Sunday, out of the corner of my eye I saw my husband walking to the platform with song book in hand. 🙂 Well, we all know what that means. “Everyone get a songbook and turn to page 306. I have a singing spirit on me today and I want to sing some of the old hymns. Let’s sing about Jesus taking our sins away.” And so, we sang “The Old Account”. Here’s some of my favorite words in this song, (I think it’s in the 4th or 5th verse)…”When at the judgment bar, I stand before my king and He the book will open, He cannot find a thing. Then will my heart be glad while tears of joy will flow because I had it settled and settled long ago. Cho. Long ago. Long ago. Yes the old account was settled long ago. And my records clear today for He washed my sins away. And the old account was settled long ago.” We even had an old fashioned victory march on this one. 🙂 Then we sang, “Thank God for the Blood” and a few other songs. The chorale sang, “Faith” and “Rain Lord”. The power of God was so strong. When I turned the service back to my husband, he had a sound track in hand. I just smiled. He had the sound man put on the track and Nathan began to sing, “Completely Sold Out”. Then he sang, “Happy Where I’m At”. Danelle and I joined him after this on the song, “It’s Closer Now” and then he ended it with the song with me playing the keyboard, “I’ve Never Been Disappointed In Jesus”. Of course all of this singing was interspersed with a little “preaching”. I cannot describe to you the power of God in the building. Two new men were praying in the altar. One of them is a man my husband and another man in our church is teaching a Home Bible Study to. The other man is another Bible Study who a young man in our church is teaching. They were both so moved by the Holy Ghost. The one man that my husband is teaching was baptized last Monday Night after the Bible Study. He is so excited about what God is doing in his life. To sum this day up…as I was leaving the church he said to me, “Thank You for the service. This is what I look forward to the most during the week. I enjoy so much coming to church.” Another person, a precious saint of God said to me, “Oh what a wonderful service. I feel so refreshed”. Isn’t that what it’s all about? I always tell our choir and praise team that our goal while we are singing is to reach for the lost person and to encourage the saint of God. You never know what God can do through anointed singing.

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Sometimes it’s good to pull out the Hymnal and sing some of the old songs.  You know the ones in four part harmony.  We don’t do it a lot but every once in awhile we enjoy it.  Yesterday I called my Dad, ( father-in-law) and Gary (brother-in-law) and said “Hey you guys need to come over tonight and practice with Nathan and Nathaniel some songs and let’s have the “Hurst Quartet” sing a number or two.”   They happily came and it was good.  I kind of had to persuade Nathaniel (my son).  He’s not much on the “older stuff”, but he did good considering that he didn’t know the songs.  He picked it up fairly well.  Mom (mother-in-law) played the piano.  They sang,  “Jesus, Hold My Hand”,  “Heaven’s Jubilee” and “Feelin’ Fine” and all by the notes.  Now that’s Old Fashioned. 

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Nathaniel (Tenor), Nathan (Baritone), Dad (Bass), Gary (Lead)


Mom, playing the old fashioned way.  I love it!


Having a Good Time!

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