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I took this picture while driving home from General Conference.  We were on Interstate 40 West in Arizona, October 5, 2010.  Nathan was asleep and I was driving.  I held the camera (iphone) over the steering wheel and shot this photo. 

Today (October 12, 2010) as I was driving Nathaniel (our son)  to San Francisco so he could catch a flight  for a business trip, we began to talk about the day I took that photo.  I asked him if he had seen the picture when I  put it on my Facebook page and he said he had.  I then asked, “Do you know the next morning, Dad and I heard on the news that a tornado had touched down right close to where this picture was taken?  The wind so fierce it destroyed a mobile home park and other structures”.  And he replied, “I know!  It makes me wonder just how many times God has kept His hand on us and we didn’t even know it at the time”.  I began to think about “how many times…” and it would resurface in my mind off and on all day.  As I begin to settle down for the night, I am still thinking, “how many times…”  I sit here with a very thankful heart for the “how many times” God has kept His hand of protection on my life, even when I didn’t realize there was any danger.

The following blurb and photo was taken from Yahoo News:

 For most of Arizona, the first week in October will be remembered for its tornadoes, hail storms, and other severe weather.  The National Weather Service has officially reported five tornadoes in Northern Arizona this week and a fierce hail storm pushed through metro Phoenix on Tuesday.

Arizona Tornado and Storm Photo.

Thank you, Lord, for your protecting hand! 

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My cousin, Steve, sent this to me and I thought it worth sharing.  Click link and watch it and then play it again with your eyes closed.  🙂  Enjoy!


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It is raining again!  I love it and we need it so desperately here in Sunny California. Winter is our rainy season and it makes the hills so green.  Also, this means that it is snowing in the mountains.  Do I feel a ski day coming up or what? 🙂 

This past weekend has been a busy one.  Friday Night, Nathan and I celebrated Valentine’s by going to Monterey and eating at our favorite place, The Chart House.  I am never disappointed when I eat there.  The food is great, the service good and the scenery spectacular.  And, of course I always enjoy being with my Valentine.  Then, on Saturday, Greg Henry came in for Sunday Services.  Of course we always enjoy having Greg around.  Sunday was another great day in the Holy Ghost.  I think we had around 15 visitors.  It was great!  God spoke in a mighty way to so many people through the ministry of Bro. Henry. The rain of the Holy Ghost fell.   At the ending of our service, Nathan and I jumped in the car and took off to Modesto.  An hour and a half later we pulled up to the Revival Center of Modesto, Pastors Randy Keyes and Todd Johnson.  You could feel the excitement as we walked through the doors.  This was their Bi-Lingual service.  It was great!  All the Spanish pastors and their families come together every few months and have church with the mother church (Revival Center).  It is a great time of unity, fellowship and blessing.  The Hispanic Mass Choir sang as did the local church choir.  They both did superb.  Nathan preached, “The Devil Hates Water”.  He had an interpreter and it was awesome!  They had a lot of fun too.  🙂  The rain of the Holy Ghost fell in Modesto as well.  After some good food and fellowship with the Keyes and Johnson’s we headed back home.  Whew!  Tired?  Yes, but happy and thankful, not only for the natural rain but for the rain of the Lord’s presence in our church, in our friends church and in my life. 🙂   

Here’s a chorus I love:

Let the rain of your presence fall on me, every day that I live, with every breath I breathe.  Let the rain of your presence fall on me, everywhere that I go, Lord, let your presence flow. Rain on me.

Love divine, joy unspeakable, overflowing in my soul.  This heart of mine is refreshed and at rest in Your presence, in your presence. 

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Here’s a few pictures I took today. The hills are so beautiful this time of year. The winter rains make everything so green. In the summer the hills turn golden but all the trees are in full bloom and green. It is beautiful then too. It’s like God drapes the hills in gold velvet and then takes a handful of emeralds and sprinkles them across the landscape. I’ll try to remember to take some photos in the summer too. Enjoy! (you can click photos to enlarge)

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 atacama-desert.jpg The Atacama desert is nestled along the coast of Chile, South America – right next to the Pacific Oceanthe biggest body of water in the world. Much of the desert extends up into the Andes mountains and is very high in elevation. Unlike more familiar deserts, like the Sahara desert in Africa and the Mojave in California, the Atacama is actually a pretty cold place, with average daily temperatures ranging between 0°C and 25°C. The annual rainfall (or lack of it) defines a desert, but that doesn’t mean that it never rains in Atacama. Every so often a warming effect over the Pacific Ocean around the equator changes the weather the world over and even places like the driest desert in the world can become doused with drenching storms. Even though Atacama gets almost no rainfall, there is water in this arid place, obviously not very much.

Have you ever felt like you were in this place spiritually?  I have.  Have you ever felt like every step you took there was only sand and puffs of dirt under your feet?  I have.  Have you ever gone to worship service after worship service and didn’t feel anything but dry?  Everyone around you seemed to be receiving blessings and you was just…..well, dry.  I must admit I do not like being in that place.  However, sometimes we go through dry places spiritually.  I will never forget after one of these long dry spells when the precious rain of the Holy Ghost began to wash over me once again.  A quartet began to sing the song,  “Allelujah, to the Lamb”  and when they reached the chorus that says,  “Adoration and praises fill my soul.  Allelujah’s I will bestow.  I will sing to the Lord, lifting my hands, Allelujah to the Lamb”,  that is when I felt His sweet rain begin to softly fall on my parched soul.  I raised my hands in worship to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and simply allowed the tears to flow as He washed over me.  I wish I understood why we must go through dry times, but I really don’t know all of the reasons.  What I do know is that when there is a rain coming to my soul I have learned to jump right in and enjoy the times of refreshing, because I don’t know when the next time will come.  I want to soak it all in when I can.  

May His healing rain come to you today.  If you need a spiritual uplifting, a physical or spiritual healing, a financial healing….whatever you need, JESUS IS THE ANSWER.  That is not just a cliche,  He really is all we need!  I pray you have peace today and an abundance of spiritual rain!  

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The hills that surround Hollister are snow-capped. The winter rain has made everything else green.  It is quite a contrast.  Simply beautiful this morning.  Everything is just beautiful and crisp.  It’s something how everything seems washed after a good rain.  And, I like the mornings because everything seems new.  I guess I’m one of those people that wake up to a new world every day.  LOL 

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Rain in California

Today I was in Target and it began to rain hard enough to hear it pounding on the roof.  The store was crowded and everyone around me stopped and was looking around and up and down.  I heard little kids saying “what is that momma”.  Finally I heard a mother say in a half disgusted tone, “it is just rain”.  I couldn’t help but smile.  These poor people would think the end of the world was happening if they were ever to be in a good ol Texas thunder storm.  LOL  The lightening and thunder that goes along with one of those storms is incredible.  And the rain comes down in sheets.  It’s a good thing that the “hard” rain today only lasted a very few minuets.  There may have been total mayhem.  Anyway, I just thought it a little comical.

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