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I took this picture while driving home from General Conference.  We were on Interstate 40 West in Arizona, October 5, 2010.  Nathan was asleep and I was driving.  I held the camera (iphone) over the steering wheel and shot this photo. 

Today (October 12, 2010) as I was driving Nathaniel (our son)  to San Francisco so he could catch a flight  for a business trip, we began to talk about the day I took that photo.  I asked him if he had seen the picture when I  put it on my Facebook page and he said he had.  I then asked, “Do you know the next morning, Dad and I heard on the news that a tornado had touched down right close to where this picture was taken?  The wind so fierce it destroyed a mobile home park and other structures”.  And he replied, “I know!  It makes me wonder just how many times God has kept His hand on us and we didn’t even know it at the time”.  I began to think about “how many times…” and it would resurface in my mind off and on all day.  As I begin to settle down for the night, I am still thinking, “how many times…”  I sit here with a very thankful heart for the “how many times” God has kept His hand of protection on my life, even when I didn’t realize there was any danger.

The following blurb and photo was taken from Yahoo News:

 For most of Arizona, the first week in October will be remembered for its tornadoes, hail storms, and other severe weather.  The National Weather Service has officially reported five tornadoes in Northern Arizona this week and a fierce hail storm pushed through metro Phoenix on Tuesday.

Arizona Tornado and Storm Photo.

Thank you, Lord, for your protecting hand! 

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Yikes, Ike

I am still praying for all of the people on the Gulf Coast as I know many of you are.  We have a host of friends and some family that live in this part of the country.  My nephew, Jon Elms and his wife Brenda had to evacuate from Beaumont.  They are in Dallas with my sister-in-law, Ginger.  We are still waiting to hear if their church and home are okay.  He has not been able to talk to anyone as of yet.  My sister, Linda and her husband, Wendell are also in Dallas.  Lufkin is without power and there is a lot of rain, flooding and wind going on. There is no electricity either.  Linda was in Dallas already for a ministers wives retreat so Wendell just decided to go on up there yesterday.  A lot of the ministers wives that were there for the retreat from down in the gulf coast area are just staying put for now.  I think that’s smart.  I am praying that God gives the workers strength and that they can get this area back up and running before much longer and these folks can go home.  No more storms, please!  I think they’ve had enough. 🙂

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