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I saw her at the stop light today.  She reached up and took the Bluetooth headset off from her ear as she turned toward the neighborhood.  She looked tired from a day at the office and ready to be home.  Home!  I began to wonder about her home.  Would there be little children running to meet her, “Mommy! Mommy!”  Would they jump into her arms and smother her with kisses and give her their little bear hugs?  Or would home be a place where a teenager lived and needed his mother to comfort him from something that happened at the High School today?  Would she walk into the loving arms of a husband and friend?  Would she smell the fragrance of the beef stew she had put into the crock-pot this morning before she left for work?  Or, did she not have time and had to stop by the chicken or pizza place on the way home to have a meal for the family dinner tonight?   Did she know Jesus?  I wondered.  I hoped all these things for her.  I hoped that she found a peaceful place when she walked into her home this evening.  I hoped she had little children that came running to greet her.  I hoped she even had a teenager that needed her.  I hoped she had a loving relationship with her husband.  And I sure hoped she knew Jesus, the best friend of all.  There is no place like home, especially if you have these things and if Jesus is welcomed there. 

Be thankful for your home.  Make it the best place it can possibly be.  Pray that peace and joy reign there.  Make sure that laughter is heard more often than not by the walls of your home.  And, when tears must be shed, make sure that love surrounds the one that is shedding them.  Make sure your home is a sanctuary where the members of your family can come and lay down all the cares from today and feel safe and loved. 

May God bless each of your homes this evening with His presence. 

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Ever Feel This Way?


Me Too!  🙂

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We’ve all seen the “ever been this tired” photos. Well, this is just how I feel right now. 🙂 We had chorale practice tonight and I am trying to get over this crazy sickness that just keeps hanging on and on. We did have a very good practice in spite of all the sickness going around. I missed all of you that wasn’t able to be there due to sickness. I hope you are feeling better very soon. What was kind of comical to me about this photo tonight is we practiced the song by Israel Houghton, “I’m Still Standing”. 🙂 Well, I might be tired but bless your heart, “I’m still Standing”. Am I whining? whah! whah! whah! Most of the time I’m fairly upbeat on this blog so allow me my whine time for just this moment. Thank You. I will be back on top of the world tomorrow. 🙂

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