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hemi demisemiquaver [hem-ee-dem-ee-sem-ee-kwey-ver] noun : a musical note with the time value of 1/64 of a whole note : sixty fourth note 64th_note.gif

Example sentence:
The pianist’s fingers became a blur flying over the keys as she
played the difficult hemidemisemiquavers of the allegro movement.

Did you know?
Hemi demisemiquavers are the fastest musical notes that are
commonly played, and performing them well can stretch human technique to its
limit. The term is mainly used in Britain, where eighth notes are
called “quavers,” sixteenth notes are called “semiquavers,” and thirtysixth notes are called “demisemiquavers.”

In the United States, “hemidemisemiquaver” is likely to be used humorously, occurring especially as a clever substitute for “moment” or “bit,” as in “the concert ended not a hemidemisemiquaver too soon.”

Hope you enjoyed this little tidbit.

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