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I was walking through my father’s house in Wichita Falls, TX when I heard from the kitchen, “Ronda,  Come here”.  I replied, “Daddy, I don’t have time.  We have got to get gone”.  We were trying to get on the road back to our home in Texarkana, a five hour drive.  We had stopped by Daddy’s on our way home from California where we had just left Nathaniel for college.  Daddy spoke back in a very stern voice, “Ronda, come in here NOW”.  He had not spoken to me in that tone for MANY years so I knew something was of extreme importance.  I didn’t know if this was something about Mother who had just passed away a mere month before or what was so urgent that he would use that tone with me.  I went to the kitchen where he was sitting at the kitchen table, kind of like, in shock.  He just pointed to the radio as if to say, “listen”.  That’s when my world stopped.  As I stood in shock and listened to them say that one of the World Trade Center towers in New York had just been hit by an airplane, I could not move.  However, all at once we mobilized with lightening speed. We all jumped in the car and headed to the nearest place with a Television (Daddy didn’t have one).  🙂  As we walked through the doors of Market Street (a grocery store in Wichita Falls) and looked at the big screen, that’s when we saw that the second tower was also hit .  I can’t even describe the emotions I felt that day.  I had just left my son in California, 2,000 miles away, and I was afraid for him.  Would I ever see him again? I didn’t know at that moment.  I didn’t know if this was truly the beginning of the end.  Was this the beginning of World War III?  Were these people, whoever they were, going to hit someplace else in our beautiful land?  All I knew to do at that point was to pray.  Sincerely pray.  Nathan, Danelle and I got in the car and began to make our way to Texarkana.  As we went through Dallas, we noticed that the skies were empty.  There were no airplanes flying. Of course that was really strange.  It’s funny how things like that are noticed when they are no longer there. We made it home and called a special prayer meeting as I know many people across our land did that day.  So, as I sit here this morning, eight years later, and think about 9/11/01, all those emotions come back.  I think of the families who lost loved ones that fateful day.  My heart nearly breaks for them.  Then, all of a sudden, coming ever so gently into my play of emotions is something else, thankfulness.  Thankful for how America responded on that day and the days that followed.  Thankful that we are still here, eight years later.  Thankful, that even though that day (9/11) changed America forever, we are still here and still the greatest nation on earth!  I pray for America! I will never forget where I was or what I was doing the day our world stopped. 


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